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The Greenhouse


Get trained and start your online coaching practice!

It's time for you to step into the moment of convergence,
the moment of your calling and season lining up with the world's needs.
It's time for your gifts to be sown, nurtured, and released.

Laura 7.png

Hey! I'm Laura,
and I'll be your gardener for this season...

I want you to experience life at its fullest as a Christian life coach! So I've built a greenhouse for you to be planted, watered, and grown in.


Come inside and check it out!

Listen, if you are ready to start co-creating the rest of your story with God, build a legacy of impact, walk in your God-given callings, and explore the alchemy of personal coaching,

The Greenhouse is the right place for you!

Come hang out with me and the amazing people who, like you, are ready to move forward and go through every door the Lord has opened!

You have something to give. You have something to say. 

And the world desperately needs us to speak up and say, 


"Here's my hand,

 I will walk with you."

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What happens in The Greenhouse™...

Core Skills
Gain the foundational coaching knowledge, ethics, and skills for reaping good fruit.

Spirit-led Life
Connect with the Holy Spirit about your life, business, future, and calling as a coach.

Coaching Clarity
Create a practice designed specifically for the way you operate to get sustainable success.

Discover how God designed each person uniquely and help your clients explore who they truly are.

Learn how to wisely dig for the gold inside to uncover your clients' purpose and goals.

Experience your own personal transformation that will ignite your passion for coaching.

...doesn't stay in The Greenhouse!

Your gifts are meant to be released into the world
to reveal the character and nature of God.

This on~demand course with live coaching and Q&A sets the table for you filled with like-hearted people who grow and love Jesus together.

You don't have to do this alone.
You belong in
The Greenhouse Society!

All students and alumni of the course are invited to a private Facebook group so you can connect, swap coaching sessions, get feedback, and encourage one another.

There's a place at the table for you!

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What would life look like if you...

* had multiple opportunities to share truth and wisdom
* got to spend your days harvesting good, ripe fruit
* lived your life to its fullest and share your hope
* were equipped to be a change-maker
* belonged to a community of like-hearted friends
* knew your giftings and strengths are valued
* were led by the Holy Spirit to build an amazing business

You deserve to live in a new story that makes you the most powerful character and puts you in a position to guide the world around you.

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 8.32.40 PM.png

Are you ready to pick up that pencil?


Is this something God is calling you to?
~ Are you like Deborah, with many who want to go up the mountain but need you to lead them?
~ Are you like Esther, with others dependent upon your voice, your willingness, and God's favor?
~ Are you like Mary, pouring her heart out at the feet of Jesus, showing many Who He is truly is?

If you are called to guide others, you won't be alone in it! God is with you, He goes before you, and His glory is your rear guard.
You can do this, my friend.

After completing The Greenhouse Course ~
you can be certified as a Sterling & Stone Coach.

green coach cert.png
What you can do with this foundation:


the when
the where

The course is on~demand so you can learn at your own pace.

Live coaching/Q&A with

Coach Laura Malone

is on the 1st Thursday of the month @ 9am PST//12pm EST

and the 3rd Thursday of the month @ 4pm PST//7pm EST.

~ Best practices

~ Coaching ethics

~ Foundations of coaching

~ Coaching styles

~ Coaching tools/strategies

~ Confidentiality

~ Communication


coaching Tools

~ Personal life clarity

~ Decision making

~ Mindset work

~ Intelligence & creativity

~ Reaching goals

~ Believing lies and truths

~ Dealing with expectations

~ Personalities & more!

~ Self-leadership

~ Practice foundations

~ Forms and contracts

~ Client emails

~ Session strategy

~ Coach vision & mission

~ Evaluations & homework


You can build a fruitful coaching business and walk in your calling,
while remaining intimately connected to God.

So you must remain in life-union with Me, for I remain in life-union with you. For as a branch severed from the vine will not bear fruit, so your life will be fruitless unless you live your life intimately joined to Mine.
John 15:4

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 8.43.40 PM.png
"Coaching draws you closer to the Lord because coaching tools don't bring true transformation without Him." 
Still have some niggling questions?

Answers to what's on your mind:

  • Do I have enough (money, energy, time, courage, knowledge, hutzpah) to do this?

    • You know... maybe you don't yet. We can be honest about it. But what you do have is opportunity and possibility. You do have a choice. And when you accept that, when you make a decision and commit to it, you become more powerful and peaceful in your inner life. And when you commit with your whole YES to what God calls you to, His favor is released and what you don't have on your own shows up in partnership with Him!​​

  • Is this for me if I already coach or I have a niched down practice?

    • This is for you if you don't feel you were ever taught the foundations of coaching or got the practice and feedback you need to feel confident. It's also for you if you are going from niche to general in your coaching or are feeling you want to bring your clients some of the revelationary tools and strategies I will be teaching you. These foundations can help anyone in any niche if their goals and results have anything to do with being human (wink, wink).

  • Would anyone actually want me to help them?​ 

    • You'd be surprised! There are a lot of people out there in this wild world who'd love to have a helping hand and they aren't the people you know (something to accept early on: your friends and family ARE NOT your ideal clients). Your clients are people you likely haven't met yet and ​they will be so happy to have someone like you who is equipped and willing to walk with them.

  • What will my friends and family think?​​​

    • People may tell you this doesn't matter, but I know it does. You will have naysayers in everything you do, and you seriously can't make everyone happy. But the community of new friends you'll make in The Greenhouse​ will comfort, support, and empathize with you through the conversations you'll learn to have with those most important people in your world.
  • Is it even possible God would be able to use my crazy, broken, imperfect story to help others?

    • Ummm... YES!!! A big ol' ABSOLUTELY! If He can use me, He can surely use you. You will dig into your own story to find the gold threads of God's calling on your life and learn how to help your clients do the same with amazing results. Embracing faith in His purposes for you and imperfect action taking will be one of the most transformative parts of the course for you.

  • Is this training ICF accredited?

    • ​No, and honestly I am not sure it ever will be. This is meant to be a strong foundation for whatever kind of coaching you go on to do with a Christ~centered perspective. ICF is an accreditation org you pay that helps if you are interested in jobs that require it but you don't need it to start coaching today or work for yourself. 95% of your clients won't even know to ask about it. I do not believe it has a bearing on your ability or calling to coach, though I do value their standards of excellence.

    • What I DO believe in is you being equipped with excellence and supported in your growth to ensure your confidence and success. And THAT is exactly what The Greenhouse grows. 

  • What is my time and personal investment?

    • This program is meant to give you a strong foundation so that you can move forward quickly and with confidence in both your coaching practice and your online business. That said, your investment will be around 2 ~ 4 hours a week including live coaching sessions on the 1st Thursday of the month at 9a//12p EST, the third Thursday of the month at 4p//7p EST, and coaching practice sessions that you schedule yourself.

  • What is my financial investment?

    • The full training with certification is only $997. You can also make 3 payments of $357 or 12 payments of $97 because I want to make this as possible as it can be for you. I know God wants to bless you in what He is calling you to and I trust Him to provide you with all you need, equipping you for every good thing.

    • I have a heart for single parents who are the sole provider for their family so if that's you and you're looking to start a coaching business, there are some partial scholarships available. Simply shoot me an email at to get an application.

    • This is an investment into your transformation and a future that will bring a huge ROI (return on investment), bring you peace and clarity, and help you co-create your story with God as an amazing coach! I have seen God provide again and again for His people when He calls them to something, so don't forget to pray and ask Him for provision to equip you for the good works you're called to. And I am praying with you too, so remember that Romans 4:21 says to be fully persuaded that what God promises is what He plans to perform! 

Come on in friend.
It doesn't hurt to take a step towards 'Yes'.
God will make the way for you and He will handle the 

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