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a little about me ...

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I have five children, three born of my womb and two born of my heart, all of which I adore. Motherhood really is the greatest honor I could ask for, though it has refined me through great trial, exposing my weaknesses and challenging my belief in myself. 

In 2007 my husband and I founded a nonprofit organization (Crisis Response International) focused on meeting the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of people who have come through disaster and whose lives have been impacted by crisis. This has caused me to call many different states and cultures 'home' and to date, we've had 19 addresses in 21 years of marriage, all the while homeschooling. (I think this qualifies me to teach you to reuse your cardboard boxes in 101 different ways!)


Over the past 17 years, I have developed extraordinary skills in coordinating trainings and events along with leading and teaching our family of responders and missionaries. It’s been an honor to walk with the hurting as well as equipping those with the heart to help. Today we have more than 15,000 trained responders and <10-15> staff. 

Sterling and Stone is the fruit of my heart’s vision to teach, challenge, and inspire believers who are hoping to reshape their worlds, to impact the lives of those in front of them, and who desire to step into a season of investing in their lives. I want to grow that spark of hope in you whispering that you are created with a great purpose into a roaring fire for all to see. I love personal development and intentional growth. To be living from my tessitura~sweet spot is to be using my creativity and wisdom to mentor and inspire you to create your own story, experiencing abundant life 'on purpose'.


I've lived much of my life allowing it to happen to me and at some point decided I can't do that any longer. I refuse to be a victim of circumstance. I am becoming my own storymaker. No one else should own my story, so I am owning it for myself. I invite you to do the same.

flowers- become a life coach

You have purpose...

There are dreams in your heart about who you long to be

and you long for someone to walk with you as you pursue them.

You would love to connect to growth-minded, like-directed people.

Clarity, purpose, next steps, hope, and fulfillment

are words looming in your innermost thoughts right now.

You believe that you are part of God's purpose in raising up His sons and daughters to become wholehearted and healthy fathers and mothers who lovingly and willingly pour themselves out 

into the generations before and after them. (Malachi 4:5,6)


You have questions...


How do I find what is inside of me that I can offer a hurting world?

Where do I gain clarity and direction about my future?

What are my next right steps and how do I take imperfect action?

How do I make a positive difference in the lives around me?

How do I begin to believe in myself so I can start this beautiful journey?

Is there anyone willing to go with me?

Can I do this without sacrificing vision for my family and responsibilities at home?

Am I called to coach?

What kind of coach would I be?


You have permission...

~to fail and get back up again


~to forgive yourself when it gets messy

~to change and go through trials, becoming someone different than you were on the other side


~to love who you are unashamedly


~to grow into the person you are becoming


~to challenge yourself and also to rest when you need to


~to leave behind what doesn't work, especially the lies and wrong belief systems


~to know what season you are in and be faithful to it


~to find your story and create it intentionally


~to find grace wherever you go and wherever you fall

~to not 'know' right now while still staying on a path not knowing where it leads


~to keep walking with hope in your heart that the hard journey will be worth it

Your  story  matters-

and  it's  worth  your  attention.

flowers- become a life coach
flowers- become a life coach

a little about you ...

The God Who created the entire universe

not only created and called you ~

He chose you.

And not just on days you have a good attitude.

Nope. He chose you before you were formed, and He is still choosing you today.

And it's even more exciting when you discover His call on your life and pursue the vision He's planted in your heart to reveal His character and nature on the earth!

Imagine living a life believing that

you are chosen and fully loved.

And then imagine sowing that truth and inviting others to live in it

by purposefully revealing God in the ways that only your story can!

If that sounds good to you,

if it speaks to your heart,

if it makes your spirit sing...

I am so glad you are here with me.

If you are interested in letting God use your story to guide others, check out the life coach training and certification course! 

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