Growth  Resources

Here are some amazing voices covering a wide
range of subjects that may interest you...

...from personal growth to leadership and 
entrepreneurship to parenting...

...these are resources of hope and strategy for your story.

And remember: Jesus is the only Way to true transformation.
Everything else is merely supplemental to your journey:)



The Enneagram is a wise tool that helps you discover how your core beliefs have influenced and informed your thoughts, emotions, actions, and results. However, it is not capable of bringing about complete transformation in your life without deeper spiritual work being accomplished.
Below are some links to a few suggested assessments. One caveat is that the assessment should only be used as a filter of results. Nothing online can tell you in 30-minutes the full truth of why you do what you do. In addition, when you take an assessment, answer based on how you operated and believed as a young adult age 18-25 to receive more dynamic results relating to your root motivations. You will find the Enneagram journey to be long-term work, yet extremely effective at reducing shame, fear, and frustration in your life.

Your Enneagram Coach
This is the program I used to gain my Enneagram Coach Certification.

This test costs $12 but gives you a wonderful source of information about your top three results. Riso and Hudson are experts in Enneagram development.

The Art of Growth
I appreciate these guys and how their test filters your results as well as the way they teach on their website and podcast. In addition, they offer a free Instinct Test which I greatly value. Take the Enneagram test somewhere first but head here for the next stage of growth to learn about the three Subtypes of each Core Type.


Discover your top five strengths from a list of 34 themes! It's such a good resource for understanding how you shine in your sphere of influence.

Kolbe A Index
While everyone else is busy measuring your cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) operations, the Kolbe is the only tool that measures your conative (doing) approach. It reveals that your way really is the best way FOR YOU! The Kolbe undergirds you and removes the shame that comes with feeling others are 'doing' things better than you.

The Five Love Languages
Discover how you show and receive love, and while you're there, dig into their other quizzes that explore your 'Apology' and 'Anger' Languages!

The Four Tendencies
This quiz measures how you create, meet, and resist inner and outer expectations.
A 'personal development' must for relationships!

Wholehearted Inventory
Brene Brown created this with wholeheartedness in mind based on her extensive research of shame resilience and living from hope and abundance. It measures where you are right now and can be taken repeatedly to see where you are living from after any crisis or change.

Self Compassion
This is a very interesting index that helps you understand your personal level of self-compassion Learn how to "use fierce and tender self-compassion to succeed in the workplace, engage in caregiving without burning out, be authentic in relationships,
and end the silence around sexual harassment and abuse."



The Christian Life Coach Collective
Of course ~ it's a must! One of the greatest honors in my life has been to become a Christian Life Coach, and in this podcast I share about how you can partner with God to guide others.
No matter what specific area of coaching you are interested in, business/health/parenting/grief/mindset/leadership/etc.,
the foundations are absolutely necessary and I'm giving them away to you here.
People need people ~ and maybe you were called to become a coach for such a time as this!

Typology Podcast with Ian Morgan Cron
Ian and his guests cover all measures of the personality narratives of the Enneagram, which I talk about often here as I encourage the discovery of your own story.

Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends
What a guy! He literally lives his life having fun and bringing joy! Bob has stories of miracles using everyday stories of everyday people. Super inspirational!

Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller
This is THE guy to learn from if you are an entrepreneur. Period.

Thriving Christian Artist Podcast with Matt Tommey
I really love Matt's heart and his wise instruction to creatives. He gives a lot of tools along with scripture and encouragement.

The Power of Vulnerability with Brene Brown
While not a podcast, definitely my favorite TED Talk. Do you know the difference between guilt and shame and what they mean for you? Find out!

(Not all of these authors, teachers, and speakers are Christian and each shares their journey in their own way. That said... Sterling & Stone and Laura Malone do not guarantee you will never find what you personally would consider explicit or offensive content. I encourage learning from others with discernment, researching, and practicing your ability to spit out the bones.)​​​​