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FREE WORKSHOP~ Becoming a Life Coach

You can change your life.
And I'm here to help you.

Sterling and Stone Mentoring

It can be really hard to find out what you want
(not to mention figuring out how to get it).

Once I learned what I wanted for myself,
I became passionate about helping others do the same.

Then... I started a business to serve, share, and guide.

Colorful Flowers

Life coaching is simply a guided transformation.
Whatever you want to change, overcome, gain, lose, grow in...
can be accomplished through this incredible relationship.

Hi friend, I'm Laura Malone

Life/Biz Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur
Story Maker, Legacy Leaver,
Jesus Follower, Helping-hearted Leader,

(plus Wife/Mom/Homeschooler)
and last but NOT least...
Party Thrower!

Sterling and Stone Mentoring

I am currently accepting new clients!

Check out Private 1:1 Coaching HERE.

Laura Malone

If you want to become a coach or start your own coaching business, here are some of the ways I can help you out:

~ Listen to the

Christian Life Coach Collective podcast.

~ Become a Sterling and Stone Coach through

The Greenhouse

Training and Certification Course.

~ Learn how to use the message in your heart and the calling on your life as a coach through the Niche Clarity Course.

~ Jump into the CLCC Facebook Group.

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