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a woman who owns her story and lives on purpose to impact the stories of others.

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You want to take ownership and responsibility for the story you are living.
You want to live on purpose & co-create with God to bring heaven to earth.
You feel that somehow your purpose in life is to be a change agent and help others become StoryMakers.
You feel a lack of clarity and strategy about your journey.

You want to grow personally and become wholehearted-
but you're not sure how to get started.
You find yourself wishing you had someone in your life to offer guidance and help you find direction.
Your answer is here my friend.
Your hope is near.


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LEGAL SHMEGAL: I am not a licensed counselor/pastor/financial advisor/etc. I offer education, experience, and thoughts, not prescriptive advice.

The information that is found here are my opinions and the opinions of other contributors and should be taken as such.

Some content may contain sponsored content or affiliate links, however, I will never recommend a person/brand/product/service that I don't personally use or believe in. I also highly recommend that you do your own bit of research into anything I say or someone else says so that you can know that you know for yourself. Let this be a space of aha moments, transformation, and personal growth.


DISCLAIMER: My faith is an integral part of who I am, and while I don't require that my clients follow

the same beliefs that I have personally, I speak and teach from the core of who I am.

This means that I myself operate the same way I encourage you to: be yourself, wholeheartedly, authentically you.

My Christian beliefs inform my thoughts and therefore influence my coaching and teaching. I work with any women who invite me to share wholeheartedly what I carry with them, but I do not discriminate or divide. Sterling & Stone exists to encourage and champion all women.