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Are you called to be a Coach?

Sterling Stone Mentoring

... is the right place for you to step into this calling.

Are you ready to learn what kind of coach you are?

Take this quick 2 minute quiz to discover how your giftings and personality influence your strengths so you can see incredible results!

Laura Malone photo
I'm Laura Malone

~JesusFollower, Wife, Mom, StoryMaker,
Homeschooler, NonProfiter, Entrepreneur,
Speaker, The Life Coach's Coach, Podcaster,
and last but NOT least... Party Thrower!~

Looking to find your core message? Grab this free workbook:

You want to be a coach.

And you want a simplified, straightforward path to doing what you're called to do, so you need your own coach to help you figure it out.


My superpower is POSSIBILITY and my love language is SOLUTION,

so you're in the right spot.


If you're interested in becoming a coach or growing your practice,

Sterling and Stone Mentoring is here to support your dreams.


Some of the ways you can grow and connect are:


~ Book a FREE Possibility Call

to discover what your next, right steps are

and how we can work together.


~ Listen to the

Christian Life Coach Collective podcast.

~ Become a Sterling and Stone Coach through

The Greenhouse

Training and Certification Course.

~ Work with me privately to create a strategy for your practice and develop your calling as a coach in

Coaching Clarity Sessions.

~ Jump into the CLCC Facebook Group

for Christian Coaches.

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