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the women's division of Sterling & Stone Mentoring
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Not everyone will answer the call.

To wake up, rise up, and speak up.

To bring justice where it is needed.

To imagine solutions and create hope.

To dare to be forerunners of transformation.

To move from being a victim to being victorious.

To leave the four walls and meet the world face to face.

Not every woman wants to pull on her boots and walk in this calling.


is a group of women

who do.

The Lord has been speaking to me for years about encouraging, educating, and equipping the Esthers.

As He shows me what needs to be on this page (for YOU) I will add it, and my hope is that you will feel heard, seen, and known here. 

If you believe there is a calling on your life to boldly proclaim the truth while standing in the face of oppression, to speak up while others remain safe and silent, and to seek God for supernatural solutions to the problems the world faces today, then I believe that this will be a place for you to land.

The vision the Lord has given me for The Esther Society speaks to who you believe you are today, who you believe you are becoming, and who you will impact in the days to come. I'd be so happy to have you in our free, private FB community where you can share what God is saying to you. Feel free to let us know over there what you need encouragement, equipping, and education in so that we can better serve you. See you there!

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