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Do You Have a Yes?

What are we all called to have a yes in our spirits to?

To love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind. (Matt 22:37) To fulfill the great commission. (Matt 28:18-20) Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received so go and freely give. (Matt 10:8) And others...

Daily we are called to pursue the heart of Jesus, to pray and talk with Him, to worship and praise Him, to love others as we love ourselves, to serve, love justice, and walk humbly before our God.

We are also called to say yes to some specific things that others will not be called to. And we are each passionate about some of our yeses but others are the normal day to day yeses in our spirits. Some of our yeses are half-hearted where we find ourselves "in process". Still in other areas we feel more of a no than a yes, but God knows how to sovereignly work through those too.

And as always, when we find places we are passionate about we want others to be excited and interested in them too. Particularly in spiritual areas of life we like those around us to be like-minded, and it can be healthy to have a community of people who believe the same as we do. It is also healthy to have others in our life who are not exactly the same as us, who can hold the other end of the tension string that causes us to grow and be challenged.

For some their yes is given in a church setting, some in business and the marketplace, some in entertainment. For others they are full time missionaries around the world or country or in their local city as a technician or tradesman. And still for others it’s as a teacher, a parent, a cashier, a farmer or police officer.

Because God asks us to do all that we do as unto Him, this qualifies all of our doings as potential yes areas. He will use our yes to Him as a powerful statement maker in the lives around us.

Ultimately our yes isn’t to only doing one specific thing or always doing it in one specific way. If it were then we’d get stuck in a dangerous way of life, believing that our way is the only way and even we cannot change it according to the old word God gave us 20 some years ago. History shows how that can get you off track real quick.

Instead, our yes is to hear Him daily speak new mercies both to us and to others, our yes is to heed what He calls us to in each moment as we look for Him throughout our day.

"It’s important to know your Father's voice and His fresh word to you today in order to know what He is calling you to say yes to."

And when He calls one of us to go to Walmart and preach in aisle three, He may not call anyone else to it. He may ask for a yes from a woman who needs to trust Him alone for protection or from a man who needs to stay home when he longs to head back to work. So the called must be faithful, and others can support that call. And the called must be careful to have a yes in their spirit without forcing a yes onto others.

Let us support one another’s callings and yeses. And also let us support one another when our callings and yeses are different rather than allowing accusation to come in regarding who has a NO in their heart towards their Savior in any way.

Take care not to judge another’s yes because it would be scary to think God has called each of us to do the same thing in the same way. He made us too intricately unique from one another to think that the way I’m called to serve Him should look like the way you are called to.

Just like you cannot know the depth of someone else’s heart, as you barely know the depths of your own, allow Holy Spirit to be in process and at work in one another. We cannot be sure of what someone’s yes is until they share their inner life with us, and therefore we don’t have permission to give them direction until they give us an invitation. But Holy Spirit surely knows where they are and will guide them. And He definitely knows us, so we can comfortably stay with Him for eternity just talking about our own heart with Him and still not run out of things to work through.

Focus on the yes in your heart and spirit today. What has God called you to do? Both in your life calling as well in the daily? What does today look like for you and Him as you walk through it? He has plans for the day, are you aware of them? Is your yes to Him for today? For this moment? For the season? Have you asked Him what to say yes to? Have you confessed the areas you’re saying no to Him in? Are you working through the reasons the no in your spirit are there so you can move towards Him and remove all that hinders His love for you?

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

—Proverbs 3:6

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

—Galatians 5:25

Here is just one way each type passionately says yes-

1s- YES to doing what needs to be done to balance the scales of justice

2s- YES to looking for how to meet others' unmet needs

3s- YES to working towards things that will better life for themselves and others

4s- YES to searching for purpose and depth within the world

5s- YES to creating systems for knowledge and spaces for privacy

6s- YES to ensuring that all ideas, people and needs are considered

7s- YES to setting people free and encouraging them to get unstuck

8s- YES to fighting for justice and protection for themselves and others

9s- YES to mediating and helping all to see various viewpoints

How do you feel that you say yes in your life to what is in front of you?

How can you support others' yeses in their lives?

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