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Conquering "Hard" in Five Steps

We all hit these days. Heck, we all hit these seasons. There of course has to be a plan set aside for them before we get there. If not, we will look at the situation as if it’s hopeless and that gets us nowhere quick.


Engage in some activity- try the 7 Minute Workout app, or just take a brisk walk outside or in the stairwell. Remind yourself that ten minutes of physical activity can help you attack to the mental activity that's looming in front of you. Test it out three days in a row. Tell yourself that when you hit a rough spot you will purposely take ten minutes for exercise in some manner and come back to see if you have a new perspective. Write down the results of your test in regards to how you feel emotionally and mentally afterwards, not just physically. Once you practice this and see the benefit you'll gain a fresh habit that is beneficial in every way.

Plan a reward- call a friend and make dinner plans, decide on a movie you'll watch after work, text a friend you love talking to and ask them to call you around 5:30. Give yourself something to look forward to that can be your breadcrumb trail throughout the day.

Start a "tunnel text" strand- find one or more people who will commit to being your champion. When things get hard you send a text saying "I need some light" (at the end of my tunnel) and they send back encouraging words that help you reach the end of your tunnel. You don't need to explain everything going on because you've already agreed to the goals of the text relationship. When either of you feels a hard day or moment coming on you already have the tool in the toolbox and someone who will pick it up and wield it for you.

Remember the waves- they are "YUGE" when they're out in the ocean coming towards you. But remember that by the time they get to your feet onshore they're just a puddle washing over your toes in the sand. Consider the fears and hardships you face today and tackle them head on. By the time you get through them you'll realize that courage brings you to the other side. You'll feel better doing the rest of your action items knowing you ate the peas on your plate first and have those delicious garlic mashed potatoes to look forward to. #AmIRight?

Be reasonable- the world will not come unraveled if everything on your to do list is not accomplished today. Cut yourself some slack. Write down all of your priorities for the day on a notepad listed in order of importance. Then rip the paper off after number five. Put those on tomorrow's list.

You can do this. In fact, if what you’re doing is worthwhile at all, not only can you do it but you will feel accomplishment at the end of the day because of your effort. And sometimes the best reward is knowing you pounded that hardship back into the ground and made success pie out of what this morning looked like it would take you down.

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