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Wanting To Do the Work You Do

First off, I am inviting you to join me in the Greenhouse Life Coach Training and Certification Course so we can get you trained to start coaching.

I’m going to teach you 10 Roots which are the foundational coaching skills that will help you serve anyone and everyone in whatever niche you choose or in general life coaching. I’m also going to teach you how to get started coaching ASAP, as in how to tell people you’re a coach and start getting clients to practice with, and also how to start making money from the beginning. You don’t have to wait to get paid as a coach for six months or a year. You can do this now. And you will be launching into the air in six months instead of just starting to look for a launching pad.

You’ll get training and live coaching and learn the simple starter strategy that helps you set up your onboarding process, which is part of the SOCOCA System I teach in the Called to Coach course. Later you can jump into that course and learn how to start your online biz so people can find you through content creation just like my clients do through my podcast.

Gain an understanding of coaching theory, ethics, and possibilities to lay a strong foundation for your practice. Then learn 10 coaching skills that are foundational to any and every niche you choose, or in general life coaching, forever. Go through the trainings one by one, and then come back later to review when you need to. Every month you’re invited to live training / coaching sessions to get coached yourself and glean from others being coached.

Over six months, you’ll learn about the 10 Roots coaching skills:

  1. Managing the Mind and Shifting the Paradigm

  2. Setting Goals and Making Committed Decisions

  3. Taking Action to Get Clarity and Confidence

  4. Developing True Identity and Purpose

  5. Cultivating Self-leadership to Create a Legacy

  6. Understanding the Power of Your Spirit, Soul, and Body

  7. Stop the Buffering and Learn Acceptance

  8. Taking Back Your Time with Boundaries

  9. Growing Stronger Relationships and Communication

  10. Facing Your Scary Money Monster Stories

These are the biggest foundational challenges of all your future clients. Of course there’s more involved within each of these but I’ve tried to summarize them.

And just in case you think that I’ve done something or have had something special that helped me to build my business and find clients and love my job, I want to tell you I’ve simply walked out all of this piece by piece. Making mistakes, trying again, being willing to show back up because it means something to me, and figuring it out on my own without any support or money along the way. I’ve done it on the cheap and without grandiose display. I didn’t have any tech training, I didn’t have money to invest or investors to help, I didn’t have lots of spare time or nothing to do.

I’m not a unicorn, though my favorite color is rainbow. And this means that whatever I’ve tried, figured out, and worked hard at, you can do too. But now, because I care about people like me who want to get started right where they’re at, my mission is to be your guide and support team. To give you what I didn’t have.

I understand where you’re coming from:

  • If you are only making ends meet (in either your soul account or bank account) and just wish you could live life more abundantly,

  • If you’re busy investing your time in littles who are your primary concern but want to find a purpose in addition to the honor of being a mom,

  • If you’re trying to get out of debt (not into it) and know you need to invest some money to start a business that makes money,

  • If you’re hoping to cover expenses after life threw a curveball, and now you’re the one who needs to create a paycheck,

  • If you’re desperate to make a change in your life and running your own business from home (or while traveling) is just the thing you need,

  • If you’re restless, or even despairing, in a job that’s killing your soul and you want to trade it for the best job on the face of the entire bloomin’ planet,

  • Or if you’re just super excited that God has placed a calling on your life to help others find hope and a path forward…

If you’re ready to step into your future and a hopeful, promising career, I invite you to walk with me. It won’t be as scary or painful as figuring it out on your own.

So join The Greenhouse Course and sow the seeds today that will become the fruitful trees of your tomorrow.

Now for today’s topic:

The deal about life coaching is that it’s a job you want to do. You don’t start a business doing something you’ll dread. You don’t get trained to do something you don’t care about. You don’t market to people you wouldn’t like working with.

This is a business, job, and profession that you should loooove building. If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

The essence of life coaching is to become more aware of yourself, your true goals and callings, your hopes and dreams, your challenges and hindrances, and answers and solutions. If you become a coach and start a business but don’t really want to, you are operating against the ideals of coaching.

Because coaching is about finding out what you want and then figuring out how to get it.

"And don’t allow yourselves to be weary in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming!" Gal 6:9

Every client I’ve ever worked with comes with things they want coaching on inner-personal, business or career, relationships, health or money. In each case, we define the issue or trigger and then find out what they want instead of what they are currently experiencing. Then, we create a strategy to get to that result.

You become a coach because you’ve decided that what you want in life is to walk with people on their journey and that that will be fulfilling to you. You become a coach because you’re already helping-hearted, or you’re intuitive and wise, or you’re willing to share what you’ve learned and apply it to someone else’s need for a strategy. Or all of the above and more.

You start a business because you want the freedom and the risk and the excitement and the satisfaction. You accept that you have to wear all of the hats for a while and that grunt work and figuring it out is part of the journey. You know that if you put in the work now, even if it means taking your computer and working while you get an oil change or scripting an episode while you’re nursing the baby or dreaming about your biz future while you’re in the carwash on your notes app on the phone, that you will reap the benefits later. You’ll have someone helping you later. You’ll make money later. You’ll have your processes streamlined and simplified later. It might feel like it’s taking a long time, but the reality is that good things take awhile. If I throw a roast in the skillet and try to eat it in half an hour, I’ll be disgusted, but if it sits in the slow cooker all day, it will be juicy and tender. Or if I pour a jar of sauce over spaghetti, it’ll do, but a pot of homemade sauce with San Marzano tomatoes and fresh basil that simmers all day is far more delightful.

You start and follow through everything you must do because you want the rewards and results you create. If you didn’t want those kinds of rewards and results, you’d need to do something different to get what you really want.

But if you want to see the joy and hope and light in someone’s eyes because they feel like you really heard them, and see the transformation in their relationship with their children, and see everything they gain when they start doing their own personal inner work and see their tears of gratitude because you walked with them through scary next steps to get the first fruits of taking massive action in their life, then everything you do as a coachpreneur will be so worth it. Every little thing you take action on in service to others will feel life-giving if you keep your eyes on the results you’ve decided you want.

All the platforms and software you have to learn to run an online business will be worth it because you know it’s going to serve people. All the brainwork of keeping your books and money in order will be worth it because you know it’s going to serve people. All the uncertainty and lack of confidence that you walk yourself through will be worth it because it will serve people. All the little things you have to do but hate doing when you don’t feel like they’re part of your gifting and calling will be worth it because it will serve people in the long run.

These thoughts were spurred by a conversation I had with a friend who’d make a great coach and I was talking about the greenhouse course and the private Facebook community and connecting with my students and coaches in there. And she said, I just wouldn’t want to have to be on there all the time fighting the algorithms and answering questions. And my answer was, holy moly, I looove being on there. I don’t use social media to build a business and beg for clients. I use it to serve the people who’ve already self-selected to be where I am giving value. I show up for the ones I already have there so there’s no algorithm issue for me.

On top of that, I absolutely love answering questions and giving feedback to each and every person in there. Just like I love showing up to coach, I love showing up online to help serve the people there when they need something.

And what I told her was the truth. While I used to hate checking social for notifications, it’s now one of my favorite parts of the day because I’m not trolling or scrolling to find people, I’m connecting with real people who want help. So it’s just one place I can show up and offer value, quick tips and hope. It’s an open invitation for you as my listeners or blog readers to show up and freely ask anything and get feedback. And others can do the same for you and that might lead to finding a peer coach who’s on the same journey and you might just make some friends who understand your passion and want to talk about it even though your family at the dinner table doesn’t get you.

I want you to think about, "Do you want to do the work you do?" And as a coach, I want you to think about how everything you do are worth it. Even being brave and telling people you're a coach and putting yourself out there, risking rejection and failure which is just the cost of trying and succeeding. These things mean that you're showing up and serving people.

So jump in the Greenhouse Course and get trained as a life coach and let's get going!


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