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The Great Exchange

I’m in a season where God is speaking so loudly about being sons and daughters that I just can’t ignore it. I have to share a little with you because it’s so heavy on my heart.

A lot of us grow up thinking God is a Father with our dad’s attitude, or even our mom’s. And we can project who our earthly parents are, and who all the significant others in our lives are, into our perception of who God is.

I want to clear it up for you. The Lord is good, and he is kind to us. His lovingkindness leads us to repentance. The whole Bible is a story about a Father and a Son. There’s nothing but love between them. And it extends to us.

Let this truth call you into His heart today. Let it infiltrate the voids and the wounds.

When you find yourself thinking or feeling like God is a perfectionistic, taskmaster or an abusive, hard man or an absent, apathetic father, just say call out to Him, “God I am believing this lie. I give it to you and ask for You to give me the truth. Let your truth and love seep into my soul, nourish my spirit, and bless my life.”

Then I want you to wait on Him and listen for what truth He gives. It will radically change your life. You can do this Great Exchange any time for any reason.

Just exchange whatever is a lie for the truth. You don't have to keep believing something that's harming you simply because you've always believed it. The human brain is wired to be able to transform and change. That's what repentance is.

There's a time for everything in due season. And you've lived out this season long enough. Why not step into the next season believing the truth about your Father. He loves you, right where you are, just as you are.

???- How can you intentionally reflect and reveal Him as a good God to the people in front of you? Your family, friends, clients, and neighbors?

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