Enneagram Coaching

You were designed to Co-Create with God. 

The journey to understanding who you are and why spins a wonderful tale! God invites you to co-author your story with Him. The Enneagram reveals the story you were designed for. It explains how some chapters of your life are currently dictating how the future chapters will unfold but you have the opportunity to learn from the past and present in order to write the story you'd like to fulfill.

Your story is your legacy.

The Enneagram is a personality typing system unlike all of the others you've encountered. It is a tool that brings freedom from shame and enables grace in your life in greater ways. You deserve to know your true identity and to walk fully in your calling. God has amazing things in store for you and now is the time to pick up your pen and start writing the rest of your story with Him. 

Coaching Packages

Session 1

Enneagram Coaching Intro



One hour session introducing the Enneagram and working towards identifying your Enneagram Type. After scheduling you will receive the link to the free assessment test. Please keep the results of this test for review during session 1. Includes emails and resources to further your journey.


Sessions 2-6

Enneagram Based Life Coaching Package

$99 individually or $450 bundle (save money!)

5 one hour sessions uncovering the layers of the Enneagram in your life. In addition, we look at how your purpose, passion and current life season unfold within the context of your original design. Includes intentional mind setting and habit forming teaching. 

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