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Coach's ClaritySession

*Do you wish you had someone to help you grow as a coach?

*Are you struggling to believe in your capabilities?

*Do your business plans feel sticky and difficult?

*Are you lacking a solid roadmap for your journey?

*Is it lonely trying to do all of this on your own?

*Do the words niche, ideal client, and online biz overwhelm you?

That's exactly what I'm here for.

My calling is to guide coaches into

growth and success,

bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth

with each transformation.

Put your hope in the Lord.

Travel steadily alongHis path.

He will honor you by giving you the land.

~ Psalm 37:34

I love that you're considering investment into calling as a coach!


My passion is walking with you through your own mindset, clarity, strategy, belief, and growth work.


Being a coach is so rewarding, but that doesn't mean it's easy! I'm ready to help you chart a course for your future, and I am excited to partner with God in helping you walk into all He's called you to do.

The Coaching Clarity session is specifically designed to help you get clear about your calling and niche in coaching, map out a strategy to get you operational and growing as a coach with strong foundations, prayer for you and your business/ministry, and encouragement alongside accountability.

Your horizon is out there.

Let's get you headed towards it.

This session is 55 minutes

with 48 hours of follow-up email support.

flowers- become a life coach


  • Developing your Core Message, Niche and Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)

  • Determining your business setup (if applicable)

  • Building a strong foundation for your business/practice with vision, mission and values statements

  • Crafting your brand with simplicity and excellence

  • Laying out a Client Journey flow to ensure they know how to work with you

  • Cultivating an offer that you feel excited to share with the world!

  • Learning how to market your offer with great joy and no slimy feelings

  • Creating consumable, valuable long-form content to help your audience know, like and trust you

  • Inviting God to be the CEO of your business and co-creating with Him

  • Figuring out how faith fits into your practice, client work, and business in a way that feels aligned for you.

  • And more!

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