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Retainer Packages



RETAINER #1 - $250

One 90 min session with email and Voxer access

Scheduled monthly when you need it; not a recurring day or time


RETAINER #2 - $400

Two 60 min sessions with email and Voxer access

Scheduled for a recurring day and time (reschedule as needed)


RETAINER #3 - $650

One 60 min session and three 30 min sessions with email and Voxer access

Scheduled for a recurring day and time (reschedule as needed)



EMAIL/VOXER: You will have access to email and Voxer coaching when you want to ask a question, get feedback, or simply need encouragement/prayer. You may need help creating an offer, working with a client, or developing content, and this is the most helpful way to get guidance, especially if you have a time crunch and can't wait for your next session. The typical response time is within business hours that day, however can take up to 24-48 hours. Communications occurring after business hours or on weekends/holidays can expect longer response times.


SESSIONS: In order to respect your time and mine, our sessions will begin and end on time unless otherwise communicated. If you cannot make it to the session on time, please communicate via email that you will be late however, the session will still end at the scheduled end-time. A missed session cannot be made up. If you believe you won’t be able to make a session, please refer to the rescheduling and cancellation sections.


SCHEDULING: You are responsible for scheduling your sessions. You may schedule recurring sessions so you can set it and forget it (with the ability to reschedule sessions as needed). There are no refunds for unused sessions. 


RESCHEDULING: In order to keep your session, please reschedule with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Because a retainer format is billed monthly, sessions cannot be rescheduled beyond the month they are slated for. Available sessions are only usable within the paid month. Therefore, unused sessions do not ‘roll over’ into the following month(s).


CANCELATION OF SESSION: Please cancel sessions with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Failure to do so may result in loss of session. 


CANCELATION OF RETAINER: You can cancel your retainer subscription at any time however, please do so prior to the next month’s billing and complete your remaining sessions for the current month. There are no refunds for the remaining sessions that have been paid for.


CONFIDENTIALITY: Your name and personal info, as well as our conversations, will never be shared with others, including other businesses. You are welcome to discuss these outside of coaching as you are comfortable.


In addition, sometimes pieces of other clients’ experiences may be shared for the purpose of helping you, but the details and names will stay far enough removed that recognition will not be possible without explicit permission for information to be shared. You may be asked for permission to share certain details for use in training or content, but if this occurs, it will always be through email so you and I both have documentation of the request and given permission.


Our sessions are 100% confidential however, the coach-client relationship is not considered legally confidential in the eyes of the court and government. This means that our sessions are confidential but not protected or privileged in the case that our legal counsel informs us that we are required legally to disclose information from our sessions/coaching relationship. If this occurs, we will let you know if we are permitted to do so, and will only disclose what is necessary to comply with the legal process. By entering this coaching relationship you agree to this without any liability to either of us.


COMMITMENT: There is no minimum commitment for this retainer. Some clients feel they’ve reached their goals in three or six months, and others stay in coaching for a year or more.



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