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Wondering What Specific Area of Coaching Fits You Best? Here’s a List of Possibilities!

Transcript from the Christian Life Coach Collective Podcast

Episode: #5

A literal niche.

I want to talk to you about the different types of coaching that are possible.

I'm a Possibility Coach. My favorite thing to talk about is all of the things that are possible with God, all of the things that we could possibly explore and discover and create and pursue with Jesus. I can't even take how exciting that is to me, enough that I'm going to stop talking about it.

I want you to know what is possible out there in the world, and I want to preface it with the fact that one coach in any of these areas, 10 coaches, 1000 coaches in the same area, are still not enough to meet all of the needs in this world. And if you think that, if you're worried about that, it's crazy thinking, Okay, so stop it. You are needed, a voice in this world today that you carry. Nobody can deliver the way you can. Nobody can show up the way you can. Nobody has your specific call to reveal God's character and nature in the way only you can. 

So start dreaming and go for it. I want you to take notes. Stop right now. Pause the podcast, get a piece of paper out, open your phone whatever you have to do and write down the ones that strike you as interesting or possible for you. And I want you to write down other things that come up along the way. Maybe you have some ideas and possibly the possibility shows up for you as well. 

I'm also going to share a little shout-out for some of my friends and fellow podcasters out there who are doing what they are called to do and coaching in very specific areas, because there are people who need it. So let them be an example as to what you're capable of, what is possible for you. 

First and foremost, I'm just going to go over a few big categories that I will put every other niche underneath Personal, Relational, Business, Vocation, Stage of Life, and Strengths. Those are all under the big umbrella of Life Coaching.

Personal Coaching

You could be a Life Purpose Coach, Performance Coach, Finance and  Money type of Mindset coach, like Megan Dwyer who has a podcast called Money isn't Scary

You could do all kinds of mindset work and do be a Mindset Coach. That's something we need today and one of the most powerful things and types of coaching that I've done over all of these years. It's so powerful.

I love the Enneagram and all types of personal personality assessments and ways to have greater self-awareness. You could be a Self-Awareness Coach, or a Personal Development Coach. 

Mental health… let's just say that goes along with baseline anxiety and depression. We're not talking about a sub-functional high anxiety or deep depression that needs to be referred out to counseling, but emotional health, a self worth, like Devony Kodad. She's got a Free and Well podcast and she does Self Worth Coaching.  And personal coaching, soul care, spiritual formation, health, all kinds of wellness. Rebecca Santos does Hot Mess Mom Health

Health Podcast and Coaching. You can do Stress Management Coaching, Grief and Loss, Faith, and Transition like Shelby Hulsefield with Finding Faith Above podcast and coaching. She helps ex-Mormon women transition into a walk of relationship with Jesus. 

Life Recovery Coaching specifically helps people who wanna be able to move on. They've gone through therapy and worked through the processes that they've needed to go through because of abuse in their life, but now they're moving forward. That's where coaching would come into play, being able to help somebody take the steps of moving out of being a victim in their story into becoming the hero in their story and then ultimately a guide. These are just some of the Personal types of coaching you could do. 

Relational Coaching

There is Parenting Coach, Stay at stay-at-home mom Coach, Work From Home, parents who have kids, dealing with ADHD or autism, and other types of neurodiversity and physical diversity. Marriage, like Lydia Santos with The Jar Podcast, she's amazing. Trust recovery for relationships that need to go forward and continue, where a relationship needs to build back trust after it's been broken for some reason. Premarital Coaching,

Relationship Coaching in general, helps people process how they are in relationships like boundaries, things like divorce, widow or widower coach just in general. 

Women's or Men's Coach

Lots of different options here. 

Business Coaching

There's building your business with God, like Estella does on the Estella Kelly Show. Lots of Team Coaching, Marketing Coaching, Social Media Coaching, Career Entrepreneurship, and Solopreneurship, check out Kristi on Simplicity for Solopreneurs. Leadership, Executive Coaching. Podcasting, like the Stephanie Gas Show, Youtuber Coaching kind of every outlet of consumable material. People could use a coach in those areas. 

Vocational Coaching

I'm not even going to go all over that because teachers, leaders, writers, managers, restaurant owners everybody in any kind of vocation would love to have somebody who could walk with them regarding the very specific challenges that arise and the goals that they have for whatever vocation they find themselves in. 

Stage Of Life Coaching

This one is huge. For example, motherhood, Stephanie Pletka with Motherhood Mindset Podcast and Coaching is amazing! Fatherhood there probably needs to be more men out there who could be fathering, Fatherhood Coaches, raising teens like Heather on the Life Coach BFF Show, she was recently on CNN. They highlighted her as an amazing life coach just for her simplistic way of meeting the needs of people who are her listeners, in these simple, straightforward ways. They loved it and brought her on. That's just because she stepped out and started coaching and putting out helpful information, reaching her hand out. You can do this and you don't even know what God has for you in this path of coaching. 

Coaches for teen moms, moms with newborns and toddlers, moms and parents with elementary kids, empty nesters, midlife stage like Michelle Zavala with the Easy Aging Show and her coaching and courses. Advanced Life and Retirement Coaches, Life Transition of any kind. Just moving from one stage of life to another.

I can tell you I wish that somebody had walked me through all of them. Moving coaches, Changing Coaches… that's something that I've helped a lot of people because I've had 19 addresses in under 20 years. I've been through a lot of that and walked my family and my kids through it, so that is something I can imagine a lot of people could use help in. Even if you are a Life Coach, who just had that area of expertise, knowledge, and awareness. That would be great. 

Mentoring (Strengths) Coaching 

Then there are ways to use your  Strengths. This is where you take your talents and things that you are good at and coach in specific areas, like Mentoring and Strategy Coaching areas, there is also Organization Coaching, check out Jennifer McDaniels, with Organized and Fabulous Mom Podcast and coaching and consulting. She is kind of like a Christian Marie Kondo you know, like how do we get in there and organize all that so you can live freely. She also does wardrobe capsules. I mean you could be a Wardrobe Capsule coach! Come on!. How more specific can you get doing something that you love doing that you're interested in and you're good at? There are so many possibilities! 

Love music? Check out Jo-Anne Johnson's Musically Minded Mama. She's just amazing at helping moms use music and their connection with their children. Time Management Habits. Are you good with scheduling and routines and coming up with life hacks, like Cason on Her Pursuit podcast. 

So all of these people, they have amazing giftings. All of these women have started podcasts because they just want to be able to help more people than they can on a one-to-one coaching basis. But you don't have to have a podcast to be an excellent coach. 

That said, I hope you caught some of this! You can relisten any time at 1.5 and go faster through the whole podcast if you want. But I hope it gives you some ideas of possibilities and things you could do. 

Types of Clients

There are multiple types of clients, so you could have one-to-one sessions, you could have a group or a team in front of you, a couple, a family,or any kind of family dynamic. You could do Corporate Coaching and you can also do workshops for people.

Session Types

And then there are different session types and I'm going to keep it simple at just two. Let's just talk about Authority Coaching and Equal Coaching. 

Authority coaching is where the coach directs the session. It's more structured and the client is following them through a process they've predetermined. That's great for business coaching and things like that. But it's a lower-touch kind of coaching program. It's less custom to the individual and the coach is set up more like an authority figure or an expert in their area. It's more like a discipline-based process. It works well for online courses where the client is going at their own pace. 

And then there's the Equal Coaching, which is what I call it, but maybe there's a better term to use. In my mind, this is where the coach and the client are equals in the room regarding the authority and direction given. So the client has a lot more say about the process and the session and the coach is more of the guide rather than the authority figure or expert.

Again, I always say coaches should be expert question-askers and expert listeners, but that's about it. You don't have to be an expert in anything else. So the client's opinions, their likes and dislikes, are more highly considered and the whole process is more custom around them and they take responsibility for their results. 

Any issues with the authority coaching session will look more like, “You didn't teach me that, so my failure has more to do with you as the coach”. The equal coaching is going to see it more as okay, I'm not necessarily, as the coach, responsible for laying out every step. You and I agreed upon a set of steps you were going to take based on your process and your consideration as the client. So if you're failing, you can't necessarily turn back and look at me. We have to look at what is it you're not doing. Where are you taking less action? What was missed in that process? 

Authority coaching is good for career and educational pursuits. You know when somebody is looking at where they wanna go to school or what kind of job they wanna have and they're going to pursue and do interviews.

Equal Coaching is good for personal growth, it’s a type of Relational Coaching covering a lot of the different types of clients we discussed today. It cultivates more personal empowerment, self-governing, and ownership within the client's lives. 

So those two types of coaching are very different and I think it's important to be aware of which one you find yourself tending to lean towards and making sure that your client understands that and you're aware of what the client wants. Do they want someone to just stand there and tell them what to do? You might not be the right coach for them if you're more on the Equal Coaching session style. But if they're looking for somebody who just wants to guide them and you're more of the Authority Coach and you wanna just give a direction, there might be some issues. 

You will definitely need to be specific about the ideal client that you need to be working with. 

Now that you know the different types of niches out there, what do you feel like you're drawn to? I would love for you to write them out in order of your interest and then maybe start doing some research about these topics. Borrow a book or two from the library or get them on Kindle. Listen to some podcasts. See what makes you wanna know more, find other coaches doing it, and explore what it is they're doing. Or find what takes the knowledge that you already have and enhances it and gives you excitement. 


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