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The PEARL Practice

This is a simple framework for renewing your mind and co-creating your life with God.

When you live by default and unintentionally wander down the PEARL 'paths', you create undesirable results in your life and will find it difficult to cultivate the results you ultimately want to live from.


Determine the F (fact) path- This is the situation you'd like to PEARL. Choose something in which you aren't satisfied with the results you've previously gotten. This could be how you felt when you left your sister's house yesterday, how you acted after you were passed by for a promotion, or even what happens in your business when you believe that you're an imposter in the industry.

The goal is to shift things within yourself because that is truly all you have control over.

Summarize the situation by removing all opinions, judgments, emotions, and descriptions and leaving only the facts. Facts are out of your control, both directly and indirectly; they cannot be argued, and they are completely neutral.

Divide between your interpretation of the situation and the facts of the situation. It really is a fact-finding mission because understanding this separation is one of the hardest things to do since it’s human nature to believe that our interpretations are the truth. Your interpretation of the facts is where you attach either positive or negative meaning to them. But up until you interpret the facts, they are only neutral and have no real meaning.


Walk through the OLD PEARL paths- This means assessing the way you currently interpret the situation and becoming aware of what happens when you interpret it this way.

In the OLD PEARL, you can lay out the P, E, A, R, and L 'paths' in any order as you become aware of them. If you know the results you're getting before you know the paradigm or emotion, simply start there and work backward to determine the action that's creating them, then work forward to envision what kind of legacy those results will create. Fill in the other 'paths' as you walk through it until you have filled in all 'paths' and can see how your paradigm leads to the creation of the legacy.

P- Determine the Paradigm you have of the situation: summarize in one sentence how you are interpreting the neutral facts. In essence, this is the thought you have about it.

E- Describe the Emotion you have when you think and believe this.

A- Define the Action you take when you experience this emotion.

R- Determine the Results this action gets you.

L- Envision the Legacy you’ll end up with if you continue to get these same results consistently over time.


Create an intentional NEW PEARL- In this PEARL you will begin with an end result you desire.

If you have no intentional vision or direction for your life, then how can you expect to ever get the results you really want? Won't life be full of dissatisfaction and disappointment? Without vision, people perish (Proverbs 29:18). You can live life abundantly, but you will need to become intentional about your own self-leadership to do so.

L- Envision the Legacy you DESIRE to create.

R- Determine the Results you need to get consistently to culminate in this legacy.

A- Define the Action you need to take to get these results.

E- Describe the Emotion you need to experience that leads to taking this action consistently.

P- Determine the Paradigm you need to shift to and operate from in order to cultivate this emotion.

Climb the 'Thought Ladder' if your new Paradigm is hard to immediately reach. Set incremental new thoughts as 'rungs' on the ladder that you move up as you begin believing this new Paradigm.


Develop a support structure for this Paradigm by digging for past experiences, deeper truths, and supportive evidence that this Paradigm is possible. If the new Paradigm is like a seed you're planting, the support system would be soil, fertilizer, water, and sun. Find ways to remind yourself that you planted a seed and need to tend to it for it to grow. When this seed grows, it will push out other seeds and roots as it becomes stronger. But you must do the work to care for it and bring it to life within you.

Cultivate truth about your identity in a way that supports this new Paradigm. Remind yourself of what you’re trying to believe, beginning to believe, and growing to believe. Shifting your Paradigm about your identity is key to deeper healing in all areas of life.

Invite others to help you walk this journey as you begin to believe the best about yourself and others. Share your NEW PEARL process with trusted people in your life so you have support and accountability in your intentional growth.

Congratulations! You're about to discover what's really possible for you!


The PEARL Practice is available for your personal use. If you would like permission to use it in your business, please join The Greenhouse Life Coach Training Course to become certified in using this powerful tool as a Sterling and Stone Coach.


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