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Discover the Best Book on Coaching. EVER!

Transcript from the Christian Life Coach Collective Podcast:

Episode #9

Today I want to talk to you about coaching with the Word. Being a Christian Life Coach is one of the most amazing honors in your life. It allows you to speak the truth of God's Word to others and walk with them as they pursue Him and His calling on their life, to pray for them, to see God in His glory and how much He loves them. I mean, how can you not love a job that allows you to speak into other people's lives? How can you not love that? I want to show you a couple of things on the Word today that can breathe life into your coach calling.

2 Timothy 3, verses 16 to 17, says “God has transmitted His very substance into every scripture, for it is God-breathed.” It will empower you by its instruction and correction, giving you the strength to take the right direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness, then you will be God's servant, fully mature and perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment God gives you. No matter what you are called to, no matter what's in front of you, the Word of God gives you all that you need to be fully mature and perfectly prepared to do anything that is in front of you, and that doesn't just mean that you're only equipped to do the one calling in life, this one purpose that the world searches for, as if you could live an entire life surrounded by one purpose, except that one purpose is to walk with God and worship Him. In addition, you have every substance.

All of the substance of God is in God-breathed scripture. You have Him and, depending on where you are in the world and what you have access to, if you have access to this podcast, then somehow, in some way, you have access to the Word of God. If you don't have a Bible, then you can email me and I'll make sure you get one. But if you can hear this, then whatever device you have that you're listening on surely has a way of letting you listen to the Bible or read it on your device, or you have an actual book in front of you. That is the Word of God. That means that it is the very substance of God in the words. It's not the paper, it's not the book. It is the words that are infused and living with His Presence and His substance, and with it, you're empowered. It brings instruction and correction and direction and it guides you.

A coach is a guide. So when you pair your coaching with the Word and the very substance of God in Scripture, you have a powerhouse ability to reveal the character and nature of God to your clients in and through your life and your coaching. It makes me so excited for you that you have in front of you a very real and tangible way to fulfill the great commission in this world, the way that you can with people who are right in front of you. You can go and make disciples throughout every nation with your coach calling. You can do this anywhere and because of today's technology, you can coach people anywhere in the world. How amazing is that you have this opportunity in front of you!

The Word is part of how God has equipped you and prepared you for all that you're called to. It is the most powerful coaching tool there is. It empowers you to take the right path. It leads you to deeper revelation and when you get into the Word, you have fresh tools strategies, and truth to offer your clients. 

The Bible is the best book on coaching that has ever been written. 

Not only do you have this amazing resource for your clients, but I can tell you that I too come away with something amazing for myself. Every time I open the Word to seek out truth for a client, and even just in researching and praying about what I want to share with you here on the podcast, I hear God through His Word and it goes into my soul and spirit and changes me. It transforms me while I'm researching. It's the most powerful research Like. It's better than Google, we can agree.

Remember to be in the Word on the daily, because it's what's going to encourage you when being a coach and being an entrepreneur is difficult when you feel empty or lacking. What if you were to look for just one scripture a day to put in front of your mind so that any person or client that ends up in front of you can benefit from it? What if you sought out just one piece of the Word to be able to be a blessing to somebody with it? You wouldn't only bless them, but you'd be dwelling on the Word which also benefits you. If you struggle some days, or most days, to know where to go in the Bible, try this, put a Bible wherever you spend the most time every day. If that's at the table next to the chair in the morning where you drink your coffee. If it's the kitchen table. If it's in the car because you sit in a parking lot or a school pickup line a lot of the day, whatever, wherever you're going to be, open it and keep it open. 

Just start with Philippians. Once a day, look into the book, look at the pages, and let your eyes fall on a section. Let all or part of that section become what you carry that day. Maybe you'll come back to it later, maybe it will spur a search for other Scriptures. Maybe you'll see it and forget it by the time you have somebody to share it with. (That's my life!) But just make it a habit. Make the Word efficient and easy to get, and leave it open on the table to just a great place. Maybe God tells you where to go, but maybe you also just pick a spot in Psalms or Romans or the book of Esther. Regardless, let it be there for you, make it available to yourself.

Hebrews 13:21 says to be knowledgeable and expert about something. Stop acting like you have anything to do with what is enough. Only He is enough. He is the “yet” you're waiting for. Jesus said it is finished, so live from that place. He's done all that is needed at this point in your life. He's given you the gift of salvation, given you all that you need to walk with him, and equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your destiny with him, and He wants to express through you all that is excellent and pleasing to Him through the relationship you have with Him to the rest of the world. You've been called to coach, you've been given the honor of touching the lives of others and you've been given the blessing of revealing God to the spheres of influence he's placed you in.

So go, get in the Word right now. Put it in front of you, glean from it every day, share it with your clients, and say it out loud to an empty room. Even if your clients aren't believers, you can pull an Esther, the only book in the Bible that doesn't say anything about God, and you can share what God says, the truth He says about them, without wrapping it in Christian's language. Tell them how they're capable and they're called and they're worthy and they're loved.

Even if they don't know Him, it's still true. And you can prophesy to people without giving them a scripture address or you know, the Lord told me, so be real and authentic.

Let them know Him by who you are and the way that you love in your coaching practice and in your life. It is an honor you've been given. You are called to it. He has equipped you for it and He is going to see it fulfilled in you. I encourage you to be unshakable today. Be bold, be called, be favored. Live like God has spoken to you about who you are because He has. So live like you know it. 

Live the rest of today as if right now He's whispering in your ear, “You are my favorite.”

I hope this has stirred you and made you want to jump up and find your favorite Bible, put it right in front of you, and dig into it. I encourage you to not get stuck and religious about being in the right spot in your Bible.

I know a lot of people used to talk about Bible roulette. You know, opening the Bible and putting your finger somewhere, that can work. You can get a Bible app and follow the Word with a plan or, you can just ask God to show you the right book to be in today or for this season, and He is always faithful to use it to speak to you. Open it up, and bless your spirit to lead your soul and your body. Bless your spirit to be nourished with the very manna that God has designed for you to eat all of your days, and he did this from the beginning of the world.

Jesus is the Word and he is the Word become flesh. As you consume the Word, as it builds you up, as it fills you up, and then you turn around and you pour it out into other people in front of you, be blessed and be thankful and turn to Him, and with great recognition and revelation about what he's given you, the blessing that you have a Bible. There are so many people in the world who still do not have one. There are so many languages left in the world that have not had a Bible translated into their native tongue. And you have one. So I hope that you gain a great respect for the blessing that that is.

Sometimes you just don't know what you have until you lose it. If you didn't have the Word in the form of a Bible and you had to live the rest of your days, or even just a hard season, with only what you know in your heart, where would you find yourself? Let that soak in and remind you of what a valuable gem you have, probably multiple versions of in your home, when some people don't have any. So use it and open it, make it available, and invite the Spirit of God to be in your home, in your car, on your phone, on your computer. Let it come up in front of you and then turn it into the main book, the main source of your coaching practice and your coach calling. Let it be what infuses you, let it be the foundation of all of the pillars you build a business on.

Let faith in the Word of God and Jesus Christ be your source, your foundation, and when you build your business and you build out your calling and your everything that you have to give away, let those be the pillars and the rooms and the upper room that is built on top of this foundation, a strong foundation made of stone that will not be moved, and He is your Cornerstone. So again, hear him saying you're my favorite. I have equipped you, I've called you and I love you, and I am so proud of you walking with me and being a guide to others. Have a good day, my friend, and just to end, I bless you, your calling, and your coaching.

***VIParts of this episode to refer to:

2 Tim 3:16-17 “God has transmitted his very substance into every Scripture, for it is God-breathed. It will empower you by its instruction and correction, giving you the strength to take the right direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness. Then you will be God’s servant, fully mature and perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment God gives you.”

Heb 13:21 “...may he work perfection into every part of you giving you all that you need to fulfill your destiny. And may he express through you all that is excellent and pleasing to him through your life union with Jesus the Anointed One who is to receive all glory forever! Amen!”


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