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Because of the clouds

I was recently on the beach on a rest day and while the sun was shining on me I was also being pelted by large raindrops. It was an amazing sight. Bright shining sun, big clouds- over there- and rain pouring out of the sky. And I felt all of it at the same time. Everyone else started packing up and heading back home while I laid there laughing. I knew the rain would pass. Where I live it doesn’t rain for long on a day like that. But everyone else expected a storm and I could only see more sun coming towards with me.

I became the only person on the beach after a short bit. And it never rained again. The sun and I had our rest day alone together. And I assume all the rest found themselves wishing they hadn’t gone through all of that trouble to pack up but since they had they weren’t willing to come all the way back out, just in case.

I’m a classic reframer. I take whatever is negative and I enjoy finding the silver lining of it. I look into the horizon to catch a glimpse of how my dark cloud will somehow shine sun onto a spot somewhere in the distance.

I find it likely that this can be very annoying to my friends.

Your sky may be dark but the sun is always still up there behind the clouds. The sun is consistent and never changing. The clouds will always pass. They will always shift. If you watch them they are constantly growing and blowing across the sky. Focus on the way the clouds reveal the sun. They shift its light and reflect colors brilliantly. Without clouds the sunrise and sunset are just a big ball of sun moving. Add clouds and there can be a spectacular light show. You’ll find that you actually enjoy the sun more if there are clouds in the sky. And the rain creates an incredible show as well if you sit still long enough to watch it and recognize your need for the rain.

In life there are so many things you’d do over if you could. So many what ifs and if onlys. What if that cloud hadn’t blocked the sun I needed? If only the rain hadn’t come when it did.

But "what if" you spent that time meditating on "because of"?

Rather than using your precious time and energy dwelling on the things you wish hadn’t happened and that you would do over, you should ponder what you got out of those hardships and failures.

I’m sure you’ve heard it somewhere that failure is a better teacher than success. You’ve experienced knowing the answer to a question and merely moving forward. However when you didn’t have the correct answer you learned something, and learning is growth.

Though these things are true, they don’t make failure or trial easier to get through. But if you recognize that the clouds of failure and the rains of hardship reveal different aspects and perspectives of the sun you will find that you’ve learned many lessons along the way that you wouldn’t otherwise have in your arsenal. You’ve grown in character and wisdom because of imperfect circumstances. Maybe you don’t want to go through them again, in the same way no one could be paid to go back through high school, but you wouldn’t want to rid yourself of the experience if you can see that because of it you’re a greater person.

Because of the clouds the sunset is gorgeous.

Because of the rain there’s promise of a rainbow.

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