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Masterpiece in Progress

A masterpiece is still a masterpiece while it is a work in progress, not only when the critics declare the final product as such. Monet surely knew what he was trying to do, and that is why he continued to work on each piece of work he passionately pursued.

From that magical moment, when the paintbrush first touches the blank canvas, the entirety of the subject takes on the promise and the possibility of becoming majestic. The artist sets out to create something special, even though the onlookers may not know what they were seeing.

The blank space itself is likely to be the most unbelieving in the outcome. For how could a simple, plain canvas with markings all over it become anything of substance, much less of importance?

From the canvas's perspective, all of these splashes of color don’t really seem to make up anything fantastic. Sure, there are places where they make a small picture that’s nice to look at, but how could all of the spaces come together to create anything meaningful?

Do you feel this way at times? Maybe all of the time?

It’s hard at this time of the year, when there’s pressure to become new and make changes. It’s hard on our egos, our mindsets, our desires. There’s enough reasons and ways to make change. The question is not how do we change, but why do we change? Why would we put forth the effort to start over or try again?

The only sustainable answer is one that is deep and authentic at its foundation. In the same way a fad diet won’t help you keep the weight off after two months, it’s a lifestyle choice that needs to be made to create any significant change.

You are enough. Not just because you're a finished piece of work. Because you are in progress.

ESPECIALLY because you are in progress.

Which means that while you are enough right now, you will change and always be enough later. It means you were enough at the beginning and even right now in the middle. You likely won't ever know the full measure of who you are in the end. Everyone looking back at your life is able to see the significance and the glory of the masterpiece called ‘You’.

Your legacy is something of great impact. Your understanding of this impact will create a desire to have more to say about it. If you are considering making changes and choosing ways to grow and become better in any way, do it because you are hoping to create a legacy that others look back on and gain from. Do it not because you want February to be better, but because you want the masterpiece to reveal things about yourself that you’ve decided others should see.

Do it because the end of your story deserves you as the author, not someone else holding the pen.

Do it because the masterpiece deserves the dreams you hold, the visions you see and the colors that you desire to paint with.

Know that you are good, you are important, you are enough. All of this right now.

And know you have permission to grow and to change. To learn, to fail and to get back up.

You are creating a masterpiece and the way the paint falls on the canvas is the most spectacular part of the process.

Become the owner of your story and the painter of your dreams.

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