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Finding Your Sweet Spot

For trained singers, tessitura is their most comfortable and musically acceptable vocal range (span of notes). Outside of this range a singer can still hold a note but you will not feel the impact of their voice in its fullness there. When you hear someone sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and they hit and sustain the high note on "land of the free", giving you chills in the process, that's their tessitura. They aren't invited to sing the Anthem at the Super Bowl unless they're able to hit that note with ease and confidence. They are invited to shine in their tessitura.

That is the moment you're longing for in life. When someone asks you, of all people, to come sing the note that only few can, because they get chills when you do it your way. It's the reason we watch the Oscars, love when our team wins, crave the glory of someone winning a reality tv show singing contest. We love watching people succeed and shine because we long for it ourselves. It's a picture of what's possible. It offers hope that some nobody can become some somebody. It offers promise of finding your purpose.

Finding your tessitura in life is finding your sweet spot from which you derive all of the energy and discipline you need to press towards what you're meant to do. When you have a job because you need to pay the bills instead of doing it because you were made for the position and thrive in it, you may wake up feeling despair or lack of willingness to get dressed for work. Then the moment comes one day when you are doing something and you feel alive. Knowing you hit tapped into your sweet spot can make your day job seem even more unfulfilling- if that's possible!


What do other people ask you for help in?

The answer isn't "they want me to help them move because I have a truck". Do they come to you because you are a great listener? Do they ask for your famous homemade, gourmet cakes or amazing watercolor paintings? Are they asking you for tips about money and savings, or wanting you to design their website for them? Maybe they come looking for solutions because you happen to have a strategy for every problem they've ever run into. Think about what others come to you for and imagine that being the first note in your singing range.

What makes you angry?

When you see people ignored, when you receive rude customer service, when you hear a story of great injustice, when you see a web design or store front unfinished or not done well. What makes your blood boil? There's another note.

Ask yourself what makes you feel like you MUST get up and change something?

Do you see that no one seems to have written a book about the subject you're passionate about from the perspective you offer? Does it make you want to grab an old typewriter and get going? When you walk into someone's house do you immediately begin to see how furniture could be rearranged and the pictures on the wall would be better over there? Do you find yourself wishing you had a diplomatic way to offer them your decorating services? Keep adding notes to your range.

What do people who really care about you say you should do?

Singers with experience and desire to grow in their craft know they cannot do it alone. They have mentors, coaches and managers. A singer with guidance will find and enjoy their tessitura sooner than those who never listen to correction or ask for criticism. Be sure to find people who love you and will speak into your life and your span of notes in way that encourages you but challenges you to strive for betterment. Pay attention to the people you respect in your life who make you feel like you have a champion behind you.

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