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Leaving a Legacy

In the garden, when the Lord set enmity between the devil and the woman, a deep hatred was set in place towards women that began the spiritual battle we fight today. We are not fighting against men or systems but against the powers and principalities behind the scenes that want to break us down and shut us up. Legacy Life Coaching exists to empower the stories of Christian women and give voice to the Deborahs, Esthers, Ruths, and Marys who are called to mentor the generations and impact their spheres of influence. The reason we must look at ourselves as not only daughters but as mothers is because we are an imperative part of turning the generations towards one another as Malachi 4:5,6 talks about.

Women have a position in the church today more powerful than we’ve ever seen women operate in before. Our enemy thinks that he can crush us and silence us because he persecutes us. But we know that Jesus went ahead of us and died on the cross while the enemy believed he had defeated Him with physical death. The enemy thought that crushing and silencing Him would win the victory. And he still stupidly thinks that by crushing and silencing women he can win.

The reality is quite the opposite. When you silence a woman it only creates the opportunity for her to be rescued by the Lord. Miracles happen because there's desperation in place. And when the Lord shows up in her story the testimony of that woman is now more powerful than it ever could have been had she not been silenced in the first place. And when her mouth is opened by the Holy Spirit and her story is released, the testimony of God in her life crushes the head of the enemy. So every time he thinks that he is winning because he’s persecuting and crushing and abusing women the enemy puts more wood on the fire. And as we suffer with Jesus and carry our cross with Him, gold is woven through our story.

Did you know that while the front of an expensive tapestry looks so intricately beautiful on the front but on the back you see all of the threads that have been woven together and stopped and started and it's just a tangle of colors and strings. But in reality it’s the messy that creates the truly beautiful things in this world, just like a fallen and broken acorn is what creates a magnificent oak tree. And the wonderful thing is that messy doesn’t equal perfect, but messy CAN be full of excellence.

"Although the threads of my life have often seemed knotted, I know, by faith, that on the other side of the embroidery, there is a crown."

-Corrie Ten Boom would show this tapestry as she preached.

As women of God we can live our hot mess lives with excellence. We can be imperfect and still full of His righteousness. The perfect that matters in our lives is God‘s love and His redemption of our spirits and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us. What is perfect is the powerful bond between the Father and His daughter that exists in the spirit realm and is manifested in the natural realm through His favor and blessing. Perfection is His presence in our trials and His peace that surpasses understanding even as our enemies are upon us.

Maybe you can only see the back side of your tapestry story. Perhaps you're only able to see the tangle and knots and loose ends. The beauty on the front side may not be clear to you yet. God is doing something in you, refining and weaving glory into your story. And do you know what you need to do in this season? Worship Him. Be in His presence. Soak in HIS story. Let Him do the refining and just bask in the peace He placed in your spirit. Ask Him to give you glimpses of the front side to bring you hope. The most beautiful tapestries take years to create, not days or weeks. Your story resides within seasons, not a snap of your fingers. There are multiple books of the many stories of your life. And you have the power to turn those stories into books of testimony and truth. These books will fill the shelves of your Legacy Library and many will come explore and read and learn from the stories you've sown.

Legacy Life is about becoming a woman of excellence in your hot mess stories.

"Dwell in His presence with all of your crazy. Bring the whole story to the altar. Let the heavens open over you to allow Him to use all of your wild and relentless and crazy and beauty and plainness and mundane."

Discover who you are in your storyline and how all of the threads have the testimony of God woven through them. I imagine the golden threads look like Rapunzel‘s hair in the Tangled animated movie where it glows when she needs its power. It’s woven through your life; it’s the hand of God on you before you knew Him as well as after. There is so much inside of you that He wants to share with the world and He wants to use to set others free. He wants to use you to be a change agent to affect the lives of the people you care about. He wants to impact the spheres of influence that you have been entrusted with.

Do you know anybody in their 90s who you think might say, “Looking back I don’t know if I really did anything that made an impact and I’m not sure if I’m leaving a legacy of anything,”? Think about someone who 75 and says to themselves, “I’m too old and I don’t have enough time left to do anything with my life or make a difference.” And then imagine that they find themselves at 95 and remember how they said to themselves, "I don’t have enough time," and yet the Lord gave them another 20 years. What could they have done if they’d just started?

Age and the ability to weave your story and make an impact have nothing to do with each other. It's not the ability, it's the willingness to be used by God at any point of our surrendered life. Someone who is 15, 29, or 62 can decide to make an impact. Why waste today? No one knows how many days they have left. Do you want to wait until those last days when you realize how much time was wasted thinking you were too young, too old, too weak, too imperfect, or not enough before you tell someone the story of your life hoping to make a difference in their lives? Thinking that you have nothing to offer is false humility, and ultimately that equals pride. And yet God loves to overcome pride if you ask Him to.

What are you waiting for? Permission? It's on this page.

God wants to do something with your terrible and your mundane. There are people who need to know they’re not alone who need direction and help. They need the fresh wind of God's voice that they hear when your testimony is shared. If you have terrible in your story then you likely have a testimony, or maybe you have one but you can’t see it for yourself. Do you think God doesn’t want to do something with it? Do you think that he wants it to lay dormant and die with you? Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God the testimony so people need to know what God has done in your life and you need to know what gods done in your life did you see all of it because often times it’s people outside of our stories that see them more clearly.

Do you need an outlet to share your story and to develop it. If you’ve ever wondered what you were made for, called to, and how to develop it, then Legacy Life Coaching is the very opportunity you have been waiting for. It will help you discover your story and become aware of yourself in it. You will see yourself as the victim, the villain, and the hero but you will also find how you can become the guide in the story. You are invited to become a guide in your story and co-create with God the rest of your path. And to also use your story to become a guide to others. Your stories will fill your Legacy Library. And one of the most beautiful things is that once you see a thread of gold in part of your story, you start seeing threads in others and gain the right to point them out.

You are invited to become a StoryMaker not only in your own life, but in the lives of those you care about and everyone within reach of your voice.

I want to encourage you to consider:

~ Creating a podcast, book, curriculum, teaching, videos, recordings, journals, etc.

~ Starting your own business, ministry, or nonprofit

~ Intentionally mentoring, coaching, mothering, friending, daughtering, and relationally connecting to those everywhere around you.

Your story is worth the investment of your energy, heart, time, finances, and prayer. And the people in your life deserve to benefit from the testimony of God in your life. Are you ready to pursue the gold in your story?

Dig into the Niche Clarity Course to find your core message and turn it into a coaching business.


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