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Are you feeling inspired to take action and start walking in
your calling as a coach and entrepreneur?

Do you lack knowledge of the exact steps to build a business that you believe in,

wake up excited about, and partner with God to create?


Do you need true accountability, with associated effects if you don’t take right action and recognized fruit if you do, in order to take it seriously and get things done?


Do you wish you had someone else giving leadership and direction to

keep you on track and guide you into a thriving coaching business?


Do you desire to make an impact in the lives of others and create a legacy

for yourself and your family but struggle to do it alone? 


Do you know you need other people in your life who share your passion and

care to listen when you feel full to overflowing with vision and hope about coaching?


Are you looking for a village of like directed believers to

whiteboard, pray, grow, and celebrate with?


Do you long to know the Master’s mind

about you, your calling, and your business?

This MasterMind 
makes space for your
Coachpreneur Creativity.

  1. Clarify your vision of the life and legacy you desire to create
  2. Cultivate your calling and the core message God created you to share
  3. Create a strong business foundation to develop a root system that bears great fruit
  4. Craft valuable, consumable content to educate and encourage your audience
  5. Communicate who you are and what you offer with creativity and confidence
  6. Care for the people in your world through coaching with influence and impact
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