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for Women on a Mission
to Love Jesus & Live on Purpose

You need purpose, clarity, and direction.
You want to create a story for yourself that not only helps you thrive, but reveals God to those around you.
It's time to live a life of wholeheartedness and lean into grace that meets you exactly where you are in your process.

Are you ready to find and polish the gold in your story

and allow God to reveal Himself through it

to impact both your life and the world around you?

Then you are ready to get clarity about your calling
and cocreate your story with God!

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 5.25_edited.jpg

Envision ...

Knowing the right questions to ask yourself
Having a framework for your next, right steps 
No longer guessing at what you're here for
Experiencing joy and purpose in your days
Your new-found clarity producing confidence
Bringing the Kingdom of heaven to earth
Your calling making a way for you
Creating an impact in your world

Action           Clarity          Confidence

Maybe you are called to start a business/ministry/nonprofit, share your creativity, begin sharing your story as a speaker/blogger/podcaster/writer, become your future you...


whatever it is and however it manifests,

together we'll take action and get clarity so you can walk in your calling with confidence!



Now is the time for women to rise up and take their places
as the Esthers, Deborahs, and Marys we are called to be.



Let's do this together if...

  • You are willing to dive into challenging personal discovery.

  • You are hopeful to come away with greater growth than you are achieving on your own.

  • You are excited about having accountability and being teachable.

  • You are committed to making an investment in yourself and doing all of the work set before you.

  • You are ready and willing to say yes to developing a vision and an action plan.

  • You are teachable, coachable, ready, and humbly willing to grow.

  • You are looking for ways to invest in yourself and believe your calling is worth it.

Want to know what the journey looks like?











On this page, you have the

opportunity to invest in the rest of your story.

Your calling is waiting!












If you are wondering if we are right for each other, 

please listen to Christian Life Coach Collective 

podcast to help you get to know me.


Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.


Session 2 - Crack open your calling and take a really good look at it. This is where you get a heart connection to the very people you are called to and recognize how you can make a significant impact on the world around you.

Session 1 - Get clear on what kind of legacy you want to create and the direction you want your future to go. Open your imagination to the possibility of this acorn turning into an oak of righteousness!

Session 3 - Begin to cultivate your core message, the thing that burns inside that you know you want to share with the world around you, just waiting to be released.

Session 4 - Discover how to turn your core message into valuable, consumable content to offer the world in a way that's authentic to who you are.

Session 5 - Learn how to communicate with clarity and choose how you will share your wisdom with the world, inviting them into the journey with you.

Session 6 - Develop a foundation for caring for your people through coaching in a way that serves and guides them alongside your message.


The acorn contains everything it needs to become a mighty oak of righteousness, and you were created by God containing everything you need to walk in your calling and live on purpose.

The StoryMaker's Journey helps you capture all of the answers you need to grow and thrive.

You also get Voxer access to me during the Journey

so you can get the most out of the work you're doing,

allowing you to ask questions and get feedback in between sessions.

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