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The purpose-

Christian mentoring for growth-minded, legacy creating women

in a creative and strategic community.

The who-

Women ready to live powerfully from truth and lay down what's been holding them back, who want input into their dreams and future, and who want to write the rest of their stories with intention.

Whether you want to change your mindset,

start a business, share your creativity,

or just figure out what dream resides within...

mentoring can help you discover how to use

the power of your story to be a change agent

in your life and in the world.

This Community Offers:

Connection with other growth-minded women

Opportunity to learn what you don't know you don't know

A reason to share your ideas, experiences, and wisdom

Groups and courses designed specifically for your growth

(All without ads, tracking, algorithms or distractions!)

There's a whole community

waiting for you to share your story!

Your story is your legacy.








Join  the  StoryMakers  Roundtable

Created for women with vision, the Roundtable Community offers

support, accountability, resources, and mentoring

for those who are pursuing

dreams in their hearts and callings on their lives.

You are looking for...

Clarity- what dreams dwell inside your storyline

Next right steps- what is yours to do right now

Feedback- dialogue that helps you stay on the path

Connection- a sense of belonging on a long, beautiful journey

Process- the external drive to help you become intentional about pursuing your purposes and creating a legacy

You were designed to be a powerful storymaker.


$19.99 monthly subscription*

Weekly sessions with Laura and Team S&S!

Breakout sessions with other women of vision!

Resources, tools, videos, & hope!

Future  you  is  worth  this investment!

 *Because Apple iOS takes a 30% cut from all subscriptions made within the app we highly recommend making your purchase via the web with the link above.

If you choose to purchase through your iPhone app the cost is $24.99.

Android and web prices are $19.99 per month. Cancel at any time.  

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