Original Design

You were created to reveal the character and nature of the One Who created you.

I am talking about the Creator of the universe

Who holds the whole earth in the palm of His hands. 

The Lady's Slipper Orchid is only found as one is walking through deep woods in certain parts of the continent during the few weeks of the summer months in which they bloom. If God took the time to find the joy of creating a flower that only the rare eye will see, how much more joy did He take in designing you to look like Him and reveal Him to the world? 

You see, personal development is a wonderful thing to pursue, however I encourage you to seek it out with this in mind: you were first and foremost designed by Someone Who knows the depths and beauty of why you are here. Wanting to change and grow for the sake of self-awareness is valuable, but the search for your true identity will lead you into health and wholeheartedness.

When you were knit in your mother's womb, you were like a clean canvas that the Artist brushed watercolors on. Over time as a child, you began to form coping mechanisms and defense strategies that helped your childhood mind deal with feelings of being unloved, unsafe, and unworthy. This became your version of brushing oil paints over the watercolor to protect the Masterpiece called 'You'. Then throughout your young life, the world and the enemy of your soul drew on you with a permanent marker and threw mud on you.


The oil paints, marker, and mud created a Replica of the Masterpiece and became the narrative story that your childhood mind used to form beliefs and patterns that would carry you into adulthood. The Replica informed you of who you were because you were too young to see yourself in the beginning when all that was on the canvas was the work of God. Your young adult years were full of growing into the Replica. 

This is not a theology to say how much of your life is predestined or an argument about how many plans there are for your life. This is simply a way of acknowledging that God wanted you here and knows more about your true identity than anyone else does. And it would do you good to know that He longs to show you more of the Original Design of His Masterpiece called "You" if you will allow Him to. The Enneagram is merely a language and tool to help identify the difference between your Masterpiece and your Replica. Sometimes God removes the oil paint, marker, and mud and sometimes He keeps them on the canvas to allow them to give the watercolor depth and dimension and new meaning. This is God using His goodness in your life to bring beauty from ashes. He uses the elements that made the Replica to make your brokenness beautiful and grow you in compassion and heal others by revealing your story.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is the most effective tool for mapping our unconscious operations. Understanding WHY we think, feel and behave the way we do helps us see how we can rewrite our past narrative and create a story we truly want to live from. Why would we want to live in a story that was outlined by untruths, pain and mistakes that harms and hinders us, when we can recognize our ability to write a new narrative that will lead us into truth? If you don’t like the story you are in, get out of it!

In addition, the Enneagram is a creative and nuanced system that allows us to see how we are each connected yet completely unique in our design. It reveals the boxes we live in and offers a ladder to help us climb out. It also reveals the need for compassion for ourselves as well as for others with the recognition that each one of us has an important story that longs to be shared.

By investigating the three centers of our intelligence (the body, the heart, and the mind) as well as the nine narratives and their subtypes, we can discover a path towards revealing our original design. I have seen this tool used in incredible ways in my life as well as in many others’ souls, marriages, professions, etc.

The Original Narrative of the Nine Types- 

You were created to be a:

Type 1- Goodness and Holiness Champion

Type 2- Loving and Kind Friend

Type 3- Motivated and Inspiring Leader

Type 4- Depth and Identity Creator

Type 5- Illuminated and Insightful Counselor

Type 6- Faithful Village Caretaker

Type 7- Freedom and Potential Releaser

Type 8- Powerful Life-Giving Defender

Type 9- Wise and Peaceful Connector


The Subtypes are based on our personal inclination towards self-preservation, social interaction, and bonding in one to one connections. When the three subtypes are associated with each of the nine narratives it reveals 27 different types that then still lean into each other and interact in different seasons and stages of our lives. Once again, the Enneagram shows how every person is unique in design, calling, gifting, relationship and perspective that leads the unconscious and conscious belief systems. 

Levels of Alignment

In addition, everyone is on a different path to get to where they are individually called. The levels of alignment point to how personal awareness, development, health and beliefs are aligned, misaligned or out of alignment. They speak to how healthy or unhealthy a person's mental, emotional and spiritual paths are.

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