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Mountains- like what you summit when you become a life coach and start a business!

Are you feeling inspired to take action and start walking in
your calling as a coach and entrepreneur?

Do you lack knowledge of the exact steps to build a business that you believe in,

wake up excited about, and partner with God to create?


Do you need true accountability, with associated effects if you don’t take right action and recognized fruit if you do, in order to take it seriously and get things done?


Do you wish you had someone else giving leadership and direction to

keep you on track and guide you into a thriving coaching business?


Do you desire to make an impact in the lives of others and create a legacy

for yourself and your family but struggle to do it alone? 


Do you know you need other people in your life who share your passion and

care to listen when you feel full to overflowing with vision and hope about coaching?


Are you looking for a village of like directed believers to

whiteboard, pray, grow, and celebrate with?


Do you long to know the Master’s mind

about you, your calling, and your business?

This MasterMind 
makes space for your
Coachpreneur Creative Cycle.

  1. Clarify your core message and the supportive structure that contains it
  2. Create a strong, simple, and streamlined business foundation
  3. Craft coaching offers to invite the right people to transformative results
  4. Cultivate valuable, consumable content to educate and encourage your audience
  5. Communicate who you are and what you offer with creativity and confidence
  6. Care for your audience through nourishing content that grows and connects them

As a Coachpreneur, you need the right boards put in place to bridge the gap between you and the people you want to serve. Let's build a bridge together!



What you'll know/have/be/do six months down the road:

  • Clarity about your core message, mission, vision, and values so you know exactly where you're headed. This is imperative so you have alignment in all that you build!

  • Foundations of your business including simple branding and the priority systems you need set up to get moving and shaking.

  • Coaching offers that start and scale and get real results.

  • Content that serves, nourishes, and engages your ideal audience is a staple as a coachpreneur. To grow a business and let people know what you offer so they can choose you, you need to share your story, educate them about the challenges they face, and lead them to the hope that you can help them! By crafting this content you're going to have so much more awareness of what's inside of you~ loads of wisdom and experience!

  • Confidence when you talk about what you do and how you do it. And there's lots of practice involved so you get past the ‘butterflies’ in your stomach and ‘bullfrogs' in your throat.

  • Nourishing content to help your audience grow as they journey with you.

  • All of this culminates in a fantastic coaching business!


Time frame: This current MasterMind runs from May 9th to October 24th, 2023


Meetings: Trainings are bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 9am PDT // 12pm EDT.

“Village” sessions with others students will take place during the weeks in between.


Pricing: $1497 if paid in full (best savings option), three payments of $537, or six payments of $282. I'm making this as low-cost as possible, simply because I want to make an impact and offer more people the opportunity they need to walk in their calling. 




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