Sterling & Stone

Every story matters.

Find the glory and goodness

in owning your story.

She says...

"Doing the inner work is difficult but more importantly it is rewarding and

really walks me into a healthier place.

This Enneagram coaching has made a HUGE impact in my personal life and in ministry."

— Patty, client

Are you stuck in a chapter of your life unable to see what needs to be done to change the storyline?
Do you think having someone speaking hope into your life and your future could make all the difference?
Would you like to have tools and teaching that really give you steps to start with today?
Are you ready to invest in yourself and
step into your story with other women who are
picking up their pens too?
Schedule a free connection call now!

S&S Coaching

helps you gain 

understanding of your True Self and equips you to cultivate change in your life. It is so powerful to have 

someone walking alongside you.

You will walk in greater freedom and joy as you see yourself through God's eyes. The revelation of why He wrote your story in the first place will change you forever!

The Enneagram is a discovery tool that encourages you to own your story just as it is and also co-create with your Creator in the unfolding of God's

purpose for your life.

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