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Focus  Sessions


Do you need some help with a small project or situation?


If you simply need a graphic done; webpage/content edited; services menu created; conflict resolved; personal situation talked through; or general life coaching- but don't know where to find help, let me assist you. After 15 years of building a non-profit (if you've ever begun a biz/org yourself you know that you are all things at all times within whatever you start up), there's a good amount of knowledge in my head. And on top of that, I know how to learn and I believe that if we don't know the answer it is figureoutable!

You do not have to do this all alone.


Let me help you get past the small things so that you can do what you are made to do, the things that matter most to you as you go about the business of changing your world for the better.




  • You are interested in my ability to support you with my work.

  • You are in a position to make the decisions within your biz/org (if this is your focus).

  • You are looking for help in areas that aren't your strengths.

  • You are needing an outside perspective.

  • You are excited about gaining from our work together.

  • You are willing to let me give you constructive criticism.

  • You are able to take responsibility for wisely using what we create/edit/develop together.

  • You are committed to making the investment asked of you and doing all of the work set before you.

  • You are agreeing to communicate in a timely and clear manner regarding the project.


  • You aren't the correct person within your biz/org to make the decision to create/edit (if this is your focus).

  • You will likely resist my proposals at every turn and already assume you know better. 

  • You are thinking this just sounds like a good idea.

  • You are more closed-minded than growth-minded.

  • Humility and teachability are not characteristics you want to operate in right now.

  • Loving correction and clear guidance are offensive to you rather than insightful and helpful.

If any of the above is true, email yourself a link to this page and come back when you feel the timing is right. There's no shame in this, right now is not the right time for everybody. And pray for God to show you the right person to help that He has for you!



  • Creating or editing menus, creating graphics, website assessment, etc. (if this is your focus).

  • Outside perspective, seeing the forest and not just the tree your face is stuck to

  • Personal communication

  • Processing and accountability

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Developing mission/vision statements for your life or biz/org/ministry.

  • And more! Let's connect on a free session to see how I can help you!

Cost: $39/ 30 min - $79/ 60 min session 

(Prepaid, scheduled sessions that run over are charged

$25 per 15 min increments so please book accordingly.)

Please schedule a free session first if you are a new client to ensure that we are the right fit for each other.


It feels so great to take responsibility and action,

and to see the fruit of it as a powerful StoryMaker.

Are you already a client needing to schedule your next session?

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