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Voxer Vision Day Coaching


It's time to start creating your story!


It's not too late to find out how to live on purpose. There are simple revelations and changes you can make to make your life one that you are excited about waking up to. You are worth the investment. Don't let anyone tell you different.


I've worked with many women who didn't know where to start and ended up finding out they could take back control from all the places they had let it go. 


Maybe you are like the woman who blamed all of her circumstances for how her life had ended up in depression but found that taking responsibility for her response to life actually felt really great and made her into a powerful person. 

It might be that you identify with the mother who felt guilty for wanting something in addition to raising her children and taking care of her household. She found that much of her life purpose had been carved into her family tree and is now working on the legacy she is building for her children, and they have the privilege of watching and learning how she is doing it.

You could be the student who isn't sure which road to take and doesn't want to waste time or energy climbing to the top of a ladder to find out you leaned it up against the wrong wall.




  • You are willing to dive into challenging personal discovery,

  • You are hopeful that you can come away with greater growth than you feel you are achieving on your own,

  • You are ready for a wholehearted existence and personal fulfillment,

  • You are excited about having accountability and being teachable,

  • You are choosing to find your purpose and create a story of joy to impact your life.

  • You are positive that you are ready to get out of your own way.

  • You are committed to making the investment asked of you and doing all of the work set before you.


  • You are thinking this just sounds like a good idea.

  • Someone you know is doing something like this and you thought you should do it too.

  • Your heart is not longing and desperate for transformation and growth.

  • You are more closed-minded than growth-minded.

  • Humility and teachability are not characteristics you want to operate in right now.

  • Loving correction and clear guidance are offensive to you rather than insightful and helpful.

If any of the above is true, email yourself a link to this page and come back when you feel the timing is right and your spirit is ready and willing to say yes to vision that creates a legacy. There's no shame in this, right now is not the right time for everybody. And you'll get more and grow more if you are doing this work in the right season. In the meantime, enjoy the podcast and free resources! And pray for God to show you the path He has for you!



  1. Connection and discussion to discover what direction you are curious about going in.

  2. Bi-weekly video calls to advance your clarity and develop a strategy regarding your vision. (4 sessions over 2 months.)

  3. Notes from our sessions along with encouragement and direction.

  4. Resources, tools, and relationship to help you take responsibility with authority and accountability.

Cost: $299 paid in full or 2 payments of $159 


Remember,  personal  development  is  not  an  expense,  it  is  an  investment!

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