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What  is  a  StoryMaker?

      She is someone who:

  • Loves deeply and cares about the people around her and chooses to live "on purpose".

  • Partners with God to do her part in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

  • Desires to co-create with God a story that glorifies and reveals Him in her unique way.

  • Wants to make a difference in her own life in order to affect change in lives around her.

  • Takes her part seriously in the spheres of influence God has placed her in.

  • Lives with intentionality, pays attention to her spirit and soul and is a lifelong learner. 

  • Humbly accepts her past as part of the path of her story.

  • Gets caught up in the lies and hardships just like anyone else, but is aware of the pit and knows she alone can choose to get out.

  • Goes after the resources, insight, support, wisdom, and grit to keep her moving forward.

  • Takes action to grow and does her work to become wholehearted.

  • Loves the Word of God that is deep and true to her and follows His voice.

  • Remembers that while everyone else in her life is precious and priceless, so is she.

Your story is your legacy.

And I am so excited to share this journey with you!

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