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Congrats!  You've jumped in!

Get ready for a transformative experience!

You are stepping into your next season of life-

one that is full, rich, and will make an incredible story!

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.50_edited.jpg

One of mine:) 
She's always been a jumper!

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Do this next:

1. Check your inbox for the "how-to" of it all.

2. Share with your friends how to jump in this work with you

by copying and pasting this link into a text or email:

3. SAVE the DATES to your calendar. We will be meeting on Zoom every day 

@ 12 EST, from Mon - Fri, August 23-27.

4. Do whatever it takes to make sure your email provider knows to receive all the emails from S&S. You don't want to lose the glory and goodness headed your way

just because Gmail and Yahoo aren't as smart as you are!

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