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Free Webinar~ Sept. 6th @ 1pm eastern.

step into your calling with great clarity & simple strategy

Are you feeling led to take action and start walking in
your calling as a coachpreneur?


If you...


lack a roadmap to turn your calling into a career.


 need to know how to start quickly, easily, and cheaply.


want to walk in your calling and be a kingdom bringer.


desire to live passionately and give up mediocrity.


know that coaching comes naturally and you have to do it.


are looking for a guide to help you start and grow.


long for connection, support, and like-minded conversations.

...then this webinar is perfect for you to...

  1. Gain clarity - by digging for the gold inside of you so you know who to coach and where to start.
  2. Strategize - it's not that you're unwilling to do the work, it's that you don't have a plan, so I'm going to give you one!
  3. Create - the simplest set-up so you can actually coach clients and see results.
  4. Learn - the biggest pitfalls and mistakes to avoid so you can be focused and fruitful.
  5. Discover - how to get your calling and biz rooted in Jesus and invite Him to be your CEO.
  6. Get on track - to wake up excited about your future!
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