...  have  purpose ...

There are dreams in your heart about the women you long to be

and you long for someone to walk with you as you pursue them.

You would love to connect to growth-minded, like-directed women.

Clarity, purpose, direction, hope and fulfillment are keywords in your innermost thoughts right now.


...  have  questions ...


How do I find what is inside of me that I cannot live without?

Where do I gain clarity and direction about my future?

What are my next right steps and how do I take imperfect action?

Who will go with me?

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...  have  permission...

to fail and get back up again


to forgive yourself when it gets messy


to do it differently than anyone else ever thought of


to do it exactly the same as someone else does but with your flavor on top


to change and go through trials, becoming someone different than you were on the other side


to love who you are unashamedly


to grow into who you are becoming


to challenge yourself and also to rest when you need to


to leave behind what doesn't work, especially the lies and wrong belief systems


to know what season you are in and be faithful to it


to find your life and live it intentionally


to find grace wherever you go and wherever you fall.

to not 'know' right now while still staying on a path not knowing where it leads


to keep walking with hope in your heart that it will be worth it

Your  story  matters  and  it's  worth  your  attention.

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