have  purpose 

There are dreams in your heart about the woman you long to be

and you long for someone to walk with you as you pursue them.

You would love to connect to growth-minded, like-directed women.

Clarity, purpose, direction, hope, and fulfillment

are keywords in your innermost thoughts right now.

You believe that you are part of God's purpose in raising up His sons and daughters to become wholehearted and healthy fathers and mothers who lovingly and willingly pour themselves out 

into the generations before and after them. (Malachi 4:5,6)


have  questions   


How do I find what is inside of me that this hurting world needs?

Where do I gain clarity and direction about my future?

What are my next right steps and how do I take imperfect action?

How do I make a positive different in the lives around me?

How do I begin to believe in myself so I can start this beautiful journey?

Is there anyone willing to go with me?


 have  permission

~to fail and get back up again


~to forgive yourself when it gets messy


~to do it differently than anyone else ever thought of


~to do it exactly the same as someone else does but with your flavor on top


~to change and go through trials, becoming someone different than you were on the other side


~to love who you are unashamedly


~to grow into the woman you are becoming


~to challenge yourself and also to rest when you need to


~to leave behind what doesn't work, especially the lies and wrong belief systems


~to know what season you are in and be faithful to it


~to find your life and live it intentionally


~to find grace wherever you go and wherever you fall

~to not 'know' right now while still staying on a path not knowing where it leads


~to keep walking with hope in your heart that it will be worth it

Your  story  matters  and  it's  worth  your  attention.

The Spirit of Adoption a supernatural love.

God runs towards you because you are His regardless of your feelings, beliefs, circumstances, and choices. You cannot do anything that causes Him to cease loving you. If you think, "But you don't know the real me," or "You haven't heard what I've done," then you are in good company. We've all had our share of shameful moments, stories, behaviors, seasons, and even lifetimes. This is where you learn that your story has shaped you and molded you and God wants all of it.

He is releasing love and songs and joy over you and they are yours for the taking. 

He is leaning in towards you and if you slow down to listen and see, you'll find Him.

Consider this:


When Paul was talking about adoption in the Bible he was referring to the Roman concept. In Rome, parents could disown a biological child for a number of different reasons. This meant that just because you had a set of parents your situation wasn't deemed permanent.

However, when someone adopted a child in Rome, it meant that that decision couldn't be rescinded. The parents were freely choosing the child and the child was to be a permanent part of the family in a way that biological children weren't guaranteed. The child got a whole new identity as well as became an heir to his/her father and shared in all that he possessed. 


Adoption is always done on purpose. This means you aren't chosen on accident.

God not only created and called you. 


He chose you.


And not just on days you have a good attitude.

Nope. He chose you before you were formed, and He is still choosing you today.

And it's even more exciting when you discover His call on your life and pursue the vision He's planted in your heart to reveal His character and nature on the earth!

Imagine living a life believing that

you are chosen and fully loved.

And then imagine sowing that truth and inviting others to live in it

by purposefully revealing God in the ways that only your story can!

If that sounds good to you,

if it speaks to your heart,

if it makes your spirit sing...

I am so glad you are here with me.