Laura Malone | Storyteller and Reformationist

1 | Start Somewhere, Lady


I love personal development and intentional growth. To be living from my tessitura~sweet spot is to be using my creativity and wisdom to mentor and inspire women to create their own stories, experiencing abundant life 'on purpose'. I also founded a nonprofit disaster relief organization, Crisis Response International, with my husband. This has caused me to call many different states 'home' and to date we've had 17 addresses in 17 years. I have five children, three born of my womb and two born of my heart, all of which I adore.


I've lived much of my life allowing it to happen to me and at some point decided I can't do that any longer. I am not a victim of circumstance. I am becoming my own storymaker. No one else should own my story so I am owning it for myself. 

2 | The HeArt of Mentoring


Mentoring is near and dear to my heart. I specialize in walking women of all ages (mothers/mother figures, educators, leaders, purpose finders, professionals, etc.) through transitions such as life season changes, times of crisis, relocations and shifting mindsets. My passions are communication, wisdom and growth so I love to help others find verbiage and definition for what they are struggling with in order to recognize the direction their stories can go. I love working with others to create strategies for making the changes needed to create successful tomorrows. And I love training others in the heart and the art of mentoring, because I truly believe we thrive when we live in a village culture and we perish when we are alone on an island.

3 | Storyboard Workshops


Picture this: you invite a few of your friends and then you spread out your favorite appetizers, desserts, wine, coffee, or heck!- even make a four-course dinner if you want! Then we get down to business creating individualized vision boards for each of you.

It's an incredible way to discover where you want your story to go while you grow deep connections with old and new friends. How can you move forward if you have no place to go? Visionboards will help you recognize how you want your story to be told. For just a taste, think of one thing you want to do. Decide you will do it (this may be the hardest part). Then in your imagination, put yourself in that final place of having done it. How do you feel? What did you gain? It is imperitive to see where you are going and feel the inspiration of being there. Without vision, your hope will vanish. And in creating your own story, why would you pick up the pen if you didn't know what the story was about and how you wanted it to end?


4 | Roundtable Mentoring Retreat


This is a retreat that puts strategists at the table with you and others looking to grow and live 'on purpose'. Two amazing days of dreaming, creating and intentionally blueprinting your tomorrow. Lots of creative possibilities and good people to guide you. Less people to talk at you; that’s what podcasts are for. More people to talk about you. Goodbye Monday morning disappointments, fears and dreariness. Hello life of passion, hope and movement!

 Something Personal

me and my fab husband

It is so powerful to move past shame and fear and own the story you have lived. Then there is the glory of creating tomorrow's story. Some parts of my life feel like they just happened to me, but in truth I have made choices, actively or inactively, that led to each of my outcomes. I have five wonderful children, and it has become imperative to me to teach them by example how to take responsibility for their lives and decisions. If I don't teach them, who will? I've lived enough of my life passively and blamed circumstances for things not turning out how I'd like them to. 

The key to my change of heart is that I found my purpose. I locked into the thing that brings me great joy- empowering others to grow and create their own story. Knowing my purpose creates an excitement about my future and encourages me to persevere through daily life. I believe that I am becoming someone that I've decided I want to be and I give myself grace for my journey.


I’m a change agent and if I had a uniform it would be a turquoise invisibility cloak and a matching microphone. I love change, yet I still have a strong respect for stability in the midst of it, assimilating to the culture around me and studying it, and helping people grow. I am passionate about learning things I’m interested in and undergirding others in their journey towards who they are becoming. My temperament is sweet and spicy at the same time. And maybe a little snarky, wink-wink.

Oh! And I love giving you permission...


...To fail and get back up again. To be forgiven. To do it different than anyone else ever thought of. To do it exactly the same as someone else does but with your flavor on top. 


...To change and go through trials, becoming someone different than you were on the other side. To love who you are unashamedly. To grow into who you are becoming.


...To challenge yourself and also to rest when you need to. To leave behind the things that don’t work, especially the lies and wrong belief systems. To know what season you are in and be faithful to it.


...To find your life and live it intentionally. And to find grace wherever you go and wherever you fall.




I love wisdom. It's my favorite currency. And my favorite flavor is crunchy. Hands down.


And I admit that my role model for parenting was Lorelei Gilmore but I had no idea about this until my daughter starting watching it. Every word out of Lorelei's mouth was like someone was reading the script in my head! I realized I've lived my whole adult life thinking I was in a sitcom. I just forgot to tell my husband... oops.