Laura Malone | StoryMaker

What I'm doing here...


It is so powerful to move past shame and fear and own the story you have lived. Then there is the glory of creating tomorrow's story. Some parts of my life feel like they just happened to me, but in truth, I have made active or inactive choices that led to each of my outcomes. I have five wonderful children, and it has become imperative to me to teach them by example how to take responsibility for their lives and decisions. If I don't teach them, who will? I've lived enough of my life passively and blamed circumstances and other people for things not turning out how I'd like them. 

The key to my change of heart is that I found my purpose. I locked onto the thing that brings me great joy- empowering others to grow and create their own story. Knowing my purpose creates excitement about my future and encourages me to persevere through daily life. I believe that I am becoming someone that I've decided I want to be and I give myself grace for my journey. 

I am here to use insight from my past story of limiting beliefs, not enough know-how, and lack of support to walk you into becoming powerful and productive. I have walked into a new story of success and joy that I know I can walk you into as well. If you are desiring to make changes that will alter your future for the better and are ready to be intentional about accountability, taking imperfect action, and receiving feedback and direction, then Sterling & Stone is the right place for you. And I highly suggest you jump into our StoryMakers community if you want to connect with other growth-minded women!


I’m a change agent and if I had a uniform it would be a turquoise invisibility cloak and a matching microphone. I love change, yet I still have a strong respect for stability in the midst of it, assimilating to the culture around me and studying it, and helping people grow. I am passionate about learning things I’m interested in and undergirding others in their journey towards whom they are becoming. My temperament is sweet and spicy at the same time. And maybe a little snarky, wink-wink.

My first language is strategy and my second is solution. I think in these languages and I am tired of just talking to myself so I thought maybe I would start talking to you!

*PS. I love wisdom. It's my favorite currency.

And my favorite flavor is crunchy. Hands down.

And a little more info ...

I have five children, three born of my womb and two born of my heart, all of which I adore. Before I met my husband I knew I wanted step-children. It was a great joy to find out on the second day I met him that he had two kids he loved profusely and to be able to step into the lives of these amazing young people and love them well. The girls that are still in the house have become fantastic people too, even after so much change and inconsistency in their lives. Motherhood really is the greatest honor I could ask for, though it has refined me through great trial, exposing my fear and challenging my belief in myself. 

Back in 2007 my husband and I founded an international nonprofit organization (Crisis Response International) focused on meeting the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of people who have come through disaster and whose lives have been impacted by crisis. This has caused me to call many different states and cultures 'home' and to date, we've had 19 addresses in 19 years of marriage, all the while homeschooling. (I think this qualifies me to teach you to reuse your cardboard boxes in 101 different ways!) Over the past 14 years, I have developed extraordinary skills in coordinating trainings and events along with leading and teaching our family of responders and missionaries. It’s been an honor to walk with the hurting as well as equipping those with the heart to help. Today we have more than 10,000 trained responders and a base with approximately 20-30 staff. 


Sterling and Stone is the fruit of my heart’s vision to teach, challenge, and inspire women who are hoping to reshape their worlds, to impact the lives of those dearest to them, and who desire to step into a season of investing in themselves. I want to grow that spark of hope in you whispering that you are created with a great purpose into a roaring fire for all to see. I love personal development and intentional growth. To be living from my tessitura~sweet spot is to be using my creativity and wisdom to mentor and inspire women to create their own stories, experiencing abundant life 'on purpose'.


I've lived much of my life allowing it to happen to me and at some point decided I can't do that any longer. I refuse to be a victim of circumstance. I am becoming my own storymaker. No one else should own my story, so I am owning it for myself. I invite you to do the same.